American’s are Confident About Jobs and the Economy

American’s are Confident About Jobs and the Economy

American’s are Confident About Jobs and the Economy

The majority of Americans are saying the economy is going strong, and many believe the trend will continue under President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

The Harvard-Harris online survey found that 61% view the economy as strong, Vs 39%who say it is weak, while 42% think it’s on the right track, compared with 39% who disagree.

Among Republicans, 60% are satisfied with the economic trend, while 23% who are dissatisfied

And 33% of Democrats said the economy is on the right track, while 48% said it is headed in the wrong direction.

“It’s really a surprising turnaround given how negative voters have been about the economy since 2009,” co-Director of the Harvard-Harris poll, told reporters Sunday.

But jobs are still the number one issue and a lot of the change in sentiment anticipates the Trump Administration’s tax cuts and infrastructure programs.

Other findings include, the following:

  1. 27% of Americans said their personal financial situation is improving, 25% said things are getting worse for them, and 38% said they are doing the same.
  2. 34% of Americans say the country as a whole is on the right track, 52% who say things are headed in the wrong direction.

The Harvard-Harris online survey questioned 2,148 registered voters between 11 and 13 February.

Have a terrific President’s Day holiday.

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