Americans Believe the Elite Media is on a “Witch Hunt” to Impeach President Trump

Americans Believe the Elite Media is on a “Witch Hunt” to Impeach President Trump

Americans Believe the Elite Media is on a “Witch Hunt” to Impeach President Trump

Most Americans doubt Russia influenced the 2016 Presidential election, and almost 50% believe the ongoing investigation to be a “political ‘witch hunt'” to get President Donald Trump impeached, according to a new poll from Investor’s Business Daily.

The poll, a collaboration with TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence (TIPP), found that most voters think talk of impeachment is “premature,” and that the allegations are mostly the work of a sensationalist media.

According to the Poll:

  1. 52% said President Trump’s election was “not influenced” by Russia;
  2. 39% said it was;
  3. 65% called talk of impeachment “premature;”
  4. 32% said it’s “appropriate;”

“A majority of the public feels that the news media are putting the cart before the horse regarding discussions of alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia,” the poll’s director and TechnoMetrica President, Raghavan Mayur, said.

Although the majority doubt the allegations, beliefs are divided across party lines.

The vast majority of Democrats agreed that Russia influenced the election, but less than 33% of independents and virtually no members of the GOP agreed.

  1. 77% of Democrats said Russia influenced election;
  2. 6% of Republicans agreed;
  3. 31% of Independents agreed.

“The American people perceive that, in the court of the media, President Trump is guilty until proven innocent,” Mayur continued.

“Since the election, the media have persistently questioned the President’s legitimacy on various fronts, from Michigan’s close vote count and Russian interference to President Trump’s mental capacity, and, presently, alleged collusion with Russia.”

He added, “So far, the public has not been swayed.”

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