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Americans are Going Back to Work, They Must Not Be Afraid


Understand this, being scared and afraid are 2 different things. A scare is temporary, allowing it to morph into fear is paralyzing.

The Key is not get afraid: choose to look forward, keep going and focusing on things you can do to make your present situation better is the answer.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Big Qs: Should I be informed and cautious?

The Big A: Yes

The Big Q2: Should I be afraid?

The Big A2: No.

Fear does no good for you, me or anyone. Being afraid does not and will not change the course of the coronavirus chaos, other than possibly creating greater susceptibility by weakening people’s immune response and psychological well-being. 

Fear is enervating and paralyzing, it takes us away from being present, from being productive, from affecting what you can affect.

Fear confuses people, blocks positive energy, feeds paranoia, and obscures clear thinking.

It does not feel good, it is now good for us. 

We do not need fear to make decisions about how to protect ourselves, or to motivate us to take precautions.

To assess, decide, and take action, we only need awareness and clarity. 

Social distancing, nation-wide quarantines, declaring national emergencies, these government actions do not require or justify fear.

Fear does not serve, it is neither helpful or necessary, hang on unless your are in the business of selling news, the MSM are fearmongers. Tune out the Noise. 

We all can be responsible citizens and make wise choices, without being caught up in the maddness of the coronavirus chaos.

America is going back to work, and fear will not serve you or The People well.

So, do not be afraid, get back to basics; Make and Keep this Country Great.

Be grateful, mindful and Tune into life, live in the eternal moment!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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