American Voters Have Little Support for NAFTA

American Voters Have Little Support for NAFTA

American Voters Have Little Support for NAFTA

Fewer American voters support the continuation of the NAFTA agreement than those who think it would be better to see it fold, according to a new study.

In a YouGov poll commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation, 36% of Americans said it would be beneficial for the US if NAFTA were to be dissolved, while 30% said it would not be beneficial; 34% said they did not know.

Other key results in the survey:

  • 63% of Mexicans said it would not be beneficial for their country to dissolve NAFTA, a Y 1994 trade agreement between the three North American countries.
  • 58% of Canadians said dissolving NAFTA would not be beneficial to them.
  • 79% of Mexicans, 73% of Canadians, and 56% of Americans said international trade is good for their respective countries.

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