American Taxpayers ‘Will Never File Under This Code Again’

American Taxpayers ‘Will Never File Under This Code Again’

American Taxpayers ‘Will Never File Under This Code Again’

Tax Day is in the US, and most folks are not happy about it.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Paying over money to your Uncle Sam following the tax code that for most seems designed to be punitive, unintelligible and always being concerned about paying more than one should

Now it is said this is the very last time, and how sweet it is.

Last year the Republican led Congress passed, and President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year.

People are already seening the benefits from lower tax rates, higher take home pay, businesses investing in American communities and creating American jobs, and millions of people receiving tax cut bonuses and reductions in their utility charges.

Yet, all these wins are just part 1 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

As time goes on, the economy will grow, wages will rise, and more people will be able to enter the work force. Perhaps best of all for everyone who dreads the time it takes to file their taxes, this is the last year we will ever have to file under the old tax code.

No more trying to figure out what you can and cannot deduct.

No more trying to parse your way through mountains of paperwork or hours of online programs.

No more looking ahead to tax day with fear.

Now over 90% of Americans will be able to file their federal income taxes in minutes.

On top of of those Key benefits, this week the House is voting to make some major reforms at the IRS.

The Taxpayer First Act authored by Representative Lynn Jenkins (R-KA)., orders the IRS to restructure to fit the new, simplified US tax code, demands better customer service from its tax collectors, and institutes reforms to avoid mistreatment of taxpayers and needless tax litigation.

Likewise, Representative Mike Bishop’s (R-MI), 21st Century IRS Act requires the IRS to improve cybersecurity and identity protection, especially to stop tax refund fraud, and allows more people to file online, including with debit or credit cards.

From tax rates to the tax code to the IRS, Congress is enacting cuts and fundamental reforms.

The new tax code is designed to actually serve The People, not punish them by never have to file under the Old tax code again.


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