The American People Rose Up & Roared, Welcome to the Revolution

The American People Rose Up & Roared, Welcome to the Revolution

The American People Rose Up & Roared, Welcome to the Revolution

Tuesday The People roared enough of getting taken for idiots by the elites, ripped off by the big banks, losing their jobs to globalist trade.

This election was not a victory for the GOP. It is a victory for The People of the United States of America who have risen up to take back their country.

They rrose in a wave of anger and disgust.

The recognized that the elitist system was rigged and was not working as claimed by the Bush-Clinton-Obama colalition.

Enough is Enough.

The Bushes voted against Donald Trump.

John Kasich voted against Donald Trump.

Many other big names in the Republican establishment voted against Donald Trump.

The media smeared Donald Trump.

Wall Street hated him and funneled tens of millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hillary Clinton out raised him, outspent him and  filled the airwaves with lying deflections. the truth be damned.

Hillary Clinto paid women to invent stories about phony alleged abuses by Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton  focus-grouped more than 50 slogans for her campaign and came up with “Forward together”?

Forward for What?

Forward to increase our debt, raise healthcare costs, ship American jobs overseas, reward mullahs in Tehran who take our sailors hostage and humiliate them in public and continue to expand their nuclear capabilities?

Donald Trump made Americans look at what our nation had become over the past 30 years and said, enough.

The median income of Americans is lower today than it was in Y 1999. That means that 50 of all American households are earning less money than they did 17 years ago.

Barack Hussein Obama sold Americans on Hope and Change. There was no Hope & Change.  They thought he would make this country a better place. Instead, in every way, he made American’s poorer, less respected, and more divided.

He said he would stop wars.

Instead, today there are more wars than ever before, with a refugee/migrant crisis that is threatening the integrity of our European allies.

The People sought a healer in Barack Hussein Obama, instead, he turned out to be the Divider-in-Chief, worse than any President in the history of our Republic. He is jive talking, snake oil salesman.

Wait till you hear what he says next…he should be run out of Washington on 21 January and barred from returning, he will try to disrupt and discredit Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But The People will not be fooled again. They will not buy it again.

Hillary Clinton had nothing to offer America but more Barack Obamaesque failures. Her supporters could not come up with a single accomplishment from her 4 years as Secretary of State.

People who said they were going to vote for her because she was a woman were silly, dumber than dumb.


White Americans voted to take their country back from the phony political elites, from the liars, from the cheats and lawbreakers.

The People are fed up with Political Correct police telling them that virtue was bad, and that bad behavior was the new normal.

The People are fed up with paying taxes so government schools could brainwash their kid.

The People put and end to the party of Big Government

On Tuesday the American people said No more, drain the swamp, and get back to work and make America great again. They voted change from the City Councils to the White House.

Trumpeting for Trump

Stay tuned…

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