America is Thriving, as The ‘Trump Effect’ Gains Traction

America is Thriving, as The ‘Trump Effect’ Gains Traction

America is Thriving, as The ‘Trump Effect’ Gains Traction


Companies across the USA are enjoying a major boost from The Trump Administration’s tax reform package, which is expected to translate into job creation and higher wages, according to a new report.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS) economist Jan Hatzius, predicts GDP growth and lower unemployment for Y 2018.

That is because of the Trump corporate tax cut that lowered the rate from 35 to 22%, businesses are feeling more confident in their futures despite the fact that the cuts are just beginning to take effect.

We are already learning that there is an overall sense that American businesses are not going to face any new regulatory fights.

The US economy experienced a healthy Y 2017, while the stock market posted to new highs on on 84 trading days in Y 2017.

Moody’s Analytics chief economist told reporters Monday, that the international economy is also booming, which is great for business.

“The fundamental backdrop here is that this is a global synchronized expansion lifting everyone’s spirits, from Tokyo to New York,” he said. “The entire global economy is on one page for the first time in over a decade. We’re all moving in sync and that has everyone feeling good, not just here but across the globe.”

America’s low unemployment figures as another reason why business owners are feeling positive and optimistic.

Y 2018 is here

Notably US stocks have posted their best year since Y 2013, Wall Street enter the 2nd year of The Trump Administration expecting higher stock prices amid corporate tax rates that have been slashed.


Have a terrific New Year!

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