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America, Please Bend Over You’re About to be #^%$&*&^



Get ready America, forget the vote rigging, mail fraud etc it is all too late now.

The media and the polling stations are just holding off announcing the winner to get you use to the idea, Joe Biden one of the most incompetent politicians ever is about to be President.

AOC and the rest of the Socialist Left at the Democrats are already sharpening their knives and are coming for you.

Taxes will skyrocket, borders will be flung open and Globalization returns and the burden of government will crush what is left of the American Dream. Your freedom of speech, right to own guns will be removed, you will become another comrade in the Democrats Socialist Utopia.

Defend the liberal international order' – top quotes from Joe Biden's Davos  swansong | World Economic Forum
Tax Changes Proposed by Joe Biden - Drew Reports News
AOC is literally lenin : ShitLiberalsSay

The Democrats will be back in full force funding ISIS, handing Money to Iran and opening free trade all over the world.

American Jobs will vanish, illegal immigrants will flood the country, Government will double in size and the baby killers will be legal and government funded.

Democracy in the USA is now officially dead, the world’s money will flee Joe Biden’s taxes and a new financial centre will emerge most likely in Asia.

China is back in charge of the global economy.

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