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America is Set for a Big Baby Boom, No ‘Social Distancing’ Here!

Millennials will soon become richest generation in American history, the timing is right…

Experts encourage couples to have sex while quarantined or locked down during this coronavirus pandemic, saying it’s “the best solution” for depression.

Having regular sex is better than staring at each other and getting on each other’s nerves.

Social experts and regular people alike wonder if couples under shelter-in-place orders will spend the time to get closer together, leading to the biggest US Baby Boom in history in 9 months or so.

This could be a Silver lining of the virus pandemic, as the US and UK, suffer from birth rates so low that they are not having enough babies to sustain their populations.

Eventually this leads to the situation that they have in Japan, which has experienced a declining population every year for more than 10, with no end in sight.

So, the Key is: make your shelter-in-place time like Sex in the City, and not like All in the Family.  Even if having children is not in The Plan right now, it is a terrific way to get reacquainted with your significant other. And there is no social distancing required.

Note: Condom sellers started to see higher sales in the US in mid-March, triggering speculation that people were finding sex is a good way to spend their time together.

Have a healthy weekend, stay at home making ‘whoopie’

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