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America Cares, the World Cares, Religious Leaders say God Cares about This Election

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White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows touted President Trump’s progress with Middle East peace Sunday, signaling that much more is still to come, 4 to 5 more Arab countries signing on the the Peace accord“– Paul Ebeling

It is not only Americans who have a lot at stake in this year’s Presidential election. Countries around the world are watching the race and working to learn what the outcome will mean for them.

Franklin Graham notes that God cares about everything that affects our lives including who our leaders will be and how our society will be governed. Further, that Divine Intervention exposed and derailed the Democrats billion dollar Godless campaign to set America back.

President Trump has ushered in a new type of politics that many fully support. Like bringing America back to its former world leadership, ending and avoiding wars that have been raging for decades, and growing the GDP at a record pace. Particularly, recently pulling the country out of the China Act of War Virus instant recession with an amazing V-shaped recovery, it goes on…promises made, promises kept.

For others, especially in socialist Europe, a Joe Biden victory would be a welcomed return to the status quo.

President Trump is extremely unpopular in many EU countries. In Britain, just 13% of respondents said they wanted the President to win the election, compared to 61% rooting for Biden, according to a YouGov poll published this month even though President Trump has promised a massive trade deal on the UK exit aka BREXIT from the EU.

Israel welcomes another 4yrs of President, as his middle east peace accord gathers momentum.

Saudi Arabia, Palestine, China and NKorea may find that a Biden victory would mean closer scrutiny of their human rights records and military actions and may not considering the recent discovery of Mr. Biden’s close relationship with the Chinese communist rulers.

In Iran, the leaders are hoping for a Biden victory, a new nuclear deal and relief from the crippling sanctions that President Trump introduced. The people are hoping for a Trump Victory that will move those leaders out and a new democratic government will emerge opening up the country to the West.

Whoever wins, and the President has an 87% chance to do so, there are pressing challenges that require international cooperation, the Trump Victory will align the Key nations worldwide.

America First!

What America needs now is to put its fractured body back together with an acceleration to cause our V-shape recovery, a President that will perpetuate America’s leadership in the World, the return of American businesses return to America so as to reduce on economic vulnerability in the World and a President would encompass economic opportunities for all of its people regardless of race, creed or religious beliefs.

What we do not need a bend in the road to socialism with street protesting continuing to run out of control, caused in part by a defunding of our police forces so as to cause fear in the streets. This is just a further hinderance to people wanting to go back to work which is what we sorely need. 

Yes, there will be a Covid-19 vaccine whether it be tomorrow or sometime next year but we do know that one is close at hand. The Media has to stop with its negativity and fake journalism in their attempt to preserve their readership. Decisiveness must stop and America must pick itself up as the leader of the World. People must understand that our system of democracy works and socialism is far from the answer for it has been proven countlessly that it does not work. We are a nation of opportunity as our forefathers put in place for All of us to gain and enjoy! 

Yes, we are a polarized Nation, driven by the contempt of the Media and those who think that socialism is a better way of life than democracy. Well, history has taught us that it is not.  So hopefully, this Election will continue with our road to recovery and the joint effort to correct that which can be corrected, including police reform, for all of the signs are there. Maybe it is not as indicative as some may like but it is there and we, as a people of this great Nation must win. 

Destruction of our Great Nation is not the true course of action that we must saddle ourselves about which this Election is all about. It should be more about employment and job opportunities, taxes and peace in the World by staying out of War and a cure, sooner than later, for this ugly pandemic called Covid – 19. Like the swine flu, it can be cured – put under control and hopefully go away as a destructive burden to one’s mind,” says economist Bruce WD Barren.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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