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All the Bitcoin News

John McAfee

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee has claimed that his Twitter account was compromised by an unknown offender who used his social media account to fraudulently promote “undervalued” digital coins.

McAfee said his Twitter account was compromised and used by a hacker to promote lesser-known cryptocurrencies. The now deleted tweets imitated McAfee’s “coin of the day” posts, which the cyber security expert stopped posting a few days ago, indicating instead, that he will write each Monday on a “coin of the week.”

The alleged hack triggered a joke storm from tweeters, which mainly revolved around advising McAfee to use better anti-virus software. While the cybersecurity guru sold his company some 20 years ago, the McAfee anti-virus software still bears his name. McAfee responded to the mockery by stating he has “no control over Twitter’s security,” adding, that his fame as a cybersecurity guru makes him a primary target for hackers and impersonators with fake accounts.

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The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has promised to back the national cryptocurrency Petro with the country’s vast natural resource reserves.

“Here’s the document formalizing the provision of the certified Ayacucho oil field No.1 in the Orinoco Petroleum Belt for the support of El Petro cryptocurrency,” Maduro said on national TV.

Maduro said the field’s “reserves amount to five billion barrels of oil,” which is confirmed by the corresponding “international certificate.”

“Every single Petro will be backed by a barrel of oil,” Maduro said, promising to provide cryptocurrency mining throughout the country. “We will set up a special team of cryptocurrency specialists so they will be engaged in mining in all states and municipalities of our country.”

The Venezuelan leader has also promised to allocate Arco Minero gold deposits from the Orinoco Belt along with the country’s diamond deposits.

The new cryptocurrency was announced by Maduro at the beginning of December as a way “to innovate toward new forms of international finance for the economic and social development of the country.”

He said its value would be pegged to the country’s vast reserves of oil and gas as well as its mineral wealth, including gold. The Venezuelan president explained the purpose was “to advance the country’s monetary sovereignty, to carry out financial transactions and to defeat the financial blockade against the country.”

“We are facing a financial war against the country which we have denounced, and the opposition has denied. There are business people who are unaffected by Donald Trump’s blockade. With this, we will join the 21st century,” said Maduro.

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