Alien Hunters May Have Found Exotic Material on UFOs

Alien Hunters May Have Found Exotic Material on UFOs

An organization of alien hunters, led by former Blink-182 singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge, claims to have found “exotic material” that is evidence of UFOs.

The group, To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science Inc., was co-founded by DeLonge and Christopher Mellon, a former Defense Department official, in Y 2017 to research extraterrestrials.

Earlier this month, the US Navy confirmed three F-18 gun-camera videos 1st released by To the Stars and the NY-T’s December 2017 showed “unidentified aerial phenomena,” a more formal term for UFOs, the NY-T’s reported in May.

However, the latest development only took the form of a tease in report over the weekend from Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon intelligence official who is To the Stars director of global security and special programs.

In an interview with Messrs DeLonge and Elizondo, A reporter Derrick Bryson Taylor asked whether To the Stars had obtained “exotic material samples from UFOs.”

Elizondo responded: “Certainly.”

When asked whether he would be more specific, Mr. Elizondo said: “Not at this point.

  • We have to let the process take its course. And what we don’t want to do is be presumptive either way. The last thing we want to do is jump to any conclusions, prematurely.

“Ultimately, the data is going to decide what something is or what something isn’t,” he said.

Mr. Elizondo did acknowledge that the material comes from a variety of sources.

“Correct,” he said in response to a Question from Mr. Taylor.

He added the organization was seeking out the “most qualified individuals at the most respectable institutions to conduct scientific analysis.

“That scientific analysis includes physical analysis, it includes molecular and chemical analysis and ultimately it includes nuclear analysis.

Stay tuned..

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