African Gangs of Muslims Attack Melbourne Again

African Gangs of Muslims Attack Melbourne Again

African Gangs of Muslims Attack Melbourne Again

Australians have been left terrorised after 100 African Muslim youths attacked a train in Melbourne.

Police were called to a park in Melbourne just after 7.30pm after receiving reports of a yet another serious assault.

The Africans then proceeded to attack the train station and train, threatening commuters and creating chaos.

As usual with the so called African Refugees their criminal behavior went mostly ignored by Police.

Politicians in Australia are too weak to tackle the issue for fear of being called racists.

Even mentioning African gangs in Australia is now considered politically incorrect, but however the media try to hide the problem African gangs are a real problem and the only answer is deportation.

In August, police were involved in wild confrontation with out-of-control youths after clashing in the suburb of Taylors Hill.

Residents were left fearing for their lives, hiding inside their homes as the gang took over the residential streets.

Sudanese-born people in Victoria constituted less than 0.1 per cent of the population, but were responsible for “well over” 1 per cent of all crimes committed in that state, and were 57 times more likely to commit aggravated robbery than the general population.

The Sudanese “refugees” are a problem that cannot be fixed while bleeding heart liberal judges refuse to deport them and refuse to sentence them to prison. There has to be legislation that if a refugee is charged with an offense they should immediately be listed for deportation with an option to appeal.

The African gang situation even the inept former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has had to admit there is a serious issue of violent African crime in Victoria, saying you would “have to be walking around with your hands over your ears” not to hear the “real concerns” about Sudanese gangs in Melbourne.

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