African Gangs Leave Melbourne Unsafe

African Gangs Leave Melbourne Unsafe

African Gangs, the ones the Media and Politicians tell us don’t exist continue to wreak havoc in Melbourne and the problem is spreading across the Country.

The African Gang Members are rarely arrested or prosecuted due to the deliberate blind-eye Police turn to their activities inline with the Left Wings Political Correctness and the refusal of the same groups to recognize that they have created a disaster of epic proportions for Australia.

The Police in Victoria are Happy to Lie Directly

Victorian Police are still in denial and are spreading the “nothing to see here” message with the help of the Media.

Victorian Police Commissioner moves to quell concern about African youth crime

While the African Refugees continue their Nationwide Crime Spree the Government just last week opened the door to more so called Refugees to enter Australia.

Despite the violence and the victims the Australia Media, possibly the most Left Wing Media in the World refuses to even use the term African Gangs, but on the street the residents of these Cities and Towns are forced to live in fear.

Even when they are incarcerated special "Politically Correct" treatment has seen Crime continue, phone intercepts, obtained by Four Corners, reveal how Nigerian detainee and convicted drug importer Dirichukwu Patrick Nweke directed and financed the operation using an American disability pensioner, who he had never met, as a drug mule.

Nweke, 44, was recorded by the NSW Crime Commission and NSW Police as he used smuggled phones to coordinate with operatives in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia to lure Peter Strand, 65, to Sydney airport with 2.5 kilograms of cocaine.

In a separate case last October, police arrested a second Nigerian detainee who allegedly used 16 contraband phones inside Villawood to run a syndicate that allegedly defrauded Australian romance scam victims and businesses of nearly $3 million.

Home Invasions on the Rise

The man is recovering from serious head injuries in hospital after confronting up to six African Gang members who broke into the family home in Fabian Court, Maribyrnong about 3:45am and stole the family car.

Melbourne police believe a man bashed with a golf club during a home invasion in the city's west was the victim of a targeted attack.

Africans and Refugees have a free pass in Australia to behave in anyway they see fit, importing the violent culture they allegedly fled from, but now the Australian Taxpayer foots the bill for there lifestyle.

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