Michael Selsman from the Sidelines of the American Film Market

Michael Selsman from the Sidelines of the American Film Market

Wonderfilm, a leading entertainment Company based in Vancouver and Hollywood, whose films have produced over a $1-B in box office revenue with respectable ROI/ROE, was greeted by film executives from major studios, directors, actors, and producers at the AFM last week.

The firm, helmed by Kirk Shaw, and 3 partners, Wonderfilm delivered 7 feature films, among them, “The Hurt Locker,” “Get Out,” and “BlackKkKlansman,” and have a long line up in production, 13 are said to be ready for release.

Michael Selsman, President of Archer Entertainment Media Communications, Inc. (AEMC) talked at length with Mr. Shaw in late September, and most recently on the sidelines of the American Film Market dined a Key member of his Team on how the 2 firms might enhance and extend their expertise and relationship.

Based in Singapore, with HQ offices in Bangkok and Los Angeles, AEMC is backed by an influential boutique investment bank whose wide circle of Asian funding is very disposed to film funding of indie film now that the studio franchises and super hero fare is on the wane.

“Timing is Key,” says CEO Selsman.

Wonderfilm recently announced a funding facility that with Archers help could benefit from an investment pool especially for films shot in Asia.

Mr. Selsman believes that $100-M+ non-dilutive PE round to be added to the combined production slate.

AEMC has purchased $20-M in screenplays, TV pilots and books which it intends to contribute to an enterprise should one develop favorably for the firms. li

By Michael Selsman

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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