Abu Dhabi #1 Car License Plate Sold For Dhs31-M ($8.4-M)

Abu Dhabi #1 Car License Plate Sold For Dhs31-M ($8.4-M)

Abu Dhabi #1 Car License Plate Sold For Dhs31-M ($8.4-M)

A limited edition Abu Dhabi Number 1 car licence plate was sold for Dhs31-M in an auction in the UAE capital on Saturday.

The plate was bought by Emirati businessman Abdullah Al Mahri, 32 anni, who told local reporters that he bought it in honor of the country’s rulers.

The vanity number plate auction was hosted by Emirates Auction along with Abu Dhabi Police and was held to commemorate the Abu Dhabi government’s Golden Jubilee.

In total, the auction featured 50 number plates and saw sales of over Dhs99-M.

Apart from # 1, the other number plates that fetched high winning bids included No 7 (Dhs13.4-M), No 11 (Dhs6.1-M), No 66 (Dhs4.3-M) and No 111(Dhs2.3-M).

The auction of exclusive number plates garners strong interest in the UAE.

Earlier this year, a Dubai-based Indian businessman bought the D5 number plate for Dhs33-M in what was described as the biggest auction in the Roads and Transport Authority’s history.

Balwinder Sahani, owner of property management firm RSG International, beat competition from other VIPs to secure the plate after paying Dhs25-M for the number O9 last year.

Other record UAE plate sales in the past include #1, sold in June for Dhs18-M to Emirati businessman Arif Al Zarooni in Sharjah.

The country’s costliest plate is believed to be the #1 licence plate in Abu Dhabi, which was sold for Dhs52.2-M to Emirati businessman Saeed Al Khouri in Y 2008.

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