ABC/Wapo Poll: 98% of President Trump Voters Happy With Their Choice

ABC/Wapo Poll: 98% of President Trump Voters Happy With Their Choice

ABC/Wapo Poll: 98% of President Trump Voters Happy With Their Choice

Just 2% of those who voted for President Donald Trump on 8 November say they regret their decision, a new poll shows.

The ABC News/Washington Post survey released Sunday finds 42% of Americans approve of the job President Trump’s doing as he approaches his 100-Day mark in office; 53% disapprove.

But 98% of those who voted for Donald Trump say it was the right decision, and only 2% say they regret their ballot, the poll shows.

Other findings from the poll show the following:

  1. 73% approve of the President pressuring companies to keep jobs in the country
  2. 53% view President Trump as a strong leader.
  3. 46% think President Trump is handling the situation with North Korea “about right”‘
  4. 37% think the President is handling the situation in too aggressive a manner.
  5. 44% of respondents think President Trump is keeping his campaign promises
  6. 41% disagree.
  7. 56% say President Trump has not accomplished much in his 1st 100-Days in office
  8. 42% think he has done a great deal or a good amount.

The poll’s margin of error is + or –  3.5%.

Rasmussen reported Monday that 50% of  US voters approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance in its daily presidential tracking poll, with 50% disapproving, marking the 1st time in over a month that the President has ranked in the 50’s.

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