A Marijuana Marketers are Offering Furloughed Federal Employees Free ‘Dope’ During Shutdown

A Marijuana Marketers are Offering Furloughed Federal Employees Free ‘Dope’ During Shutdown

Now, not only are the non-essentials (NE) non-essential they can be stoned doing nothing!

The furloughed NE federal workers who cannot pay for medical marijuana during the government shutdown can get it for free from America’s pot dealers.

BudTrader a massive marijuana-trading marketplace that allows users to buy and sell grow supplies, cannabis, and paraphernalia, declared we continue to endure the longest government shutdown in US history, the company wants to help federal employees who have gone and are going without pay.

“I do not think federal employees are getting enough love and support,” BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin said in a statement to the Hill. “In these tough times, we want to extend the offer of a donation of medical cannabis to any federal worker affected by the shutdown.”

Pledging to give the “maximum legal allowable amount of cannabis” to federal workers, BudTrader will also ensure that all weed donations are “confidential and compliant with the California Cannabis adult use laws and regulations.”

In a Facebook post Monday, BudTrader assured cannabis users that they would not have to worry about anyone finding out. 

“God Bless all Federal Employees, God Bless the Cannabis Community, and God Bless the United States of America,” the company said in its post. 

This gesture is one of many from companies and celebrities who are offering donations and aid to struggling NE federal employees

Not to be outdone George W. Bush (43) has been feeding his Secret Service detail pizza.

Stay tuned…

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