‘A-Kicker’ Coffee From Down Under

‘A-Kicker’ Coffee From Down Under

‘A-Kicker’ Coffee From Down Under

Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia prides itself on having the world’s strongest cup of Coffee, with 4 shots of Espresso, 120 milliliters of 10-day brewed cold drip Coffee and 8 ice cubes made from 48-hour brewed cold drip.


The A-Kicker Coffee was created by Coffee shop owner Steve Benington to help an ER nurse who had to stay awake overnight. It has since been “toned down a bit” for coffee lovers that visit his shop.

Most of us like our morning Coffee to start our day, but this Coffee drink in Australia has so much caffeine that it could keep one going all day long+.

I am talking 80X the amount of caffeine of the average single cup of Coffee, that’s a Jolt yes?

The drink is meant to be consumed over long periods of time and not suggested for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions. Its caffeine buzz can last about 12-18 hours.

The US FDA reports that the average American consumes 2 5-ounce cups of Coffee a day, only a tiny fraction of Benington’s Super concoction.

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