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A Few of the Best Bars in Paris


Gone are the days when un verre du vin at a local bar or a dry gin martini at your hotel bar were the only options for a drinkers night out in Paris. Now, there are no shortage of spots to sip inventive drinks in Paris. The few places on this list offer hand-crafted cocktails to your new favorite wine.

This is our list of a few, actually 4, of the best bars in Paris, as follows:

Le Mary Celeste Bar Paris

Le Mary Celeste

Since opening in the haute Marais in Y 2013, it’s become a neighborhood hotspot for both locals and visitors who come as much for the food as they do the cocktails. Since the place is the 3rd opening from the Quixotic team behind Glass and Candelaria, it is no surprise that the cocktails here are inspired. Each of them comes with a clever name like the Double Identity, a short list of ingredients, in this case, Cognac Pierre Ferrand 1840, Lillet Rouge, Sherry Lustau Pedro Ximenez, Kümmel, and a French description of that drink “Gatsby owns 2 faces; that of love and tenderness, which is floral and sweet. That of revenge and envy, which can be scary.”, followed by an appropriate quote to represent it this one naturally comes from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Bar Hemingway, Hotel Ritz (feature picture)

Despite having received a facelift after a multi-million dollar renovation, the place known for being liberated from the Nazis by author Ernest Hemingway, retains its old-world charm with tufted leather banquettes and bar stools. Another thing that thankfully, hasn’t changed: legendary head barman Colin Field. The bon vivant, decked out in a white dinner jacket, gleefully places your drinks, each with its own scented red or pink rose, before you while looking deep into your eyes. Despite having created the menu, which is full of twists-on-classics such as the Clean Dirty Martini, served with a frozen cube of olive juice, and the Ritz Pimms with, of course, many secret ingredients in addition to ginger ale, Champagne, and garnishes of fruit, cucumber, fresh mint and griottine cherries, he would much rather just choose for you, and you will likely say OK.

Candelaria Bar Paris


Since opening in Y 2011, Candelaria has risen to the Top of many “Best” lists including a 5-year run on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. While the bar staff has seen some turnover since its opening, the drinks themselves have never faltered and the team is often changing things up by playing with thematic ingredients like avocado and Mezcal. In fact, they stock a large selection of the smoky agave spirit made from agave and offer a $34 tasting flight. The cocktail menu pays homage to Latin American countries with drinks like the Guatemalan El Sombreron, made with Altos white tequila, Otto’s vermouth, hibiscus, and pink pepper tonic.

Little Red Door Paris Bar

Little Red Door

Opened by Experimental Cocktail Club protégée Timothée Prangé and Dotan Shalev, the drinks here are beyond clever and well thought-out. The menu itself is an actual work of art with each of the 14 cocktails getting a 2 page illustrative treatment by a local artist. Only the drink’s name is listed, though, as they encourage cocktail aficionados to be brave guess the ingredients upon the 1st taste. They update the menu about 2X a year, recently when the offerings were part of the “Evocative Menu,” 1 might have found such concoctions as the Madre de Dios made with tequila, Grand Marnier, Lillet Blanc and carrot seed. Drinks are served in all sorts of vessels from vintage glassware to quirky porcelain bust mugs.

Enjoy your travels

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