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A Critical Look at the 1st Presidential Debate

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Everyone has endorsed the President because they know he has the cops’ back, and we are a nation of laws. The only thing between civil society and anarchy, are the Men & Women in Blue.” — Paul Ebeling

From economist and editorial contributor Bruce WD Barren, as follows:

Tuesday night, President Trump showed that he was a street fighter from the New York. He came out swinging to destroy his rival, relentless in his attacks, like a combined Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather of yesteryear. Some may not like his style or approach and some may not of but this is Trump – the fighter.

He wasn’t going to let loose of Biden under any circumstances for he is tired of Biden’s and the Media’s constant barrage of unsupported false accusations. When Biden tried to accuse him of not paying taxes, Trump reared his head and took the jab but then swing back, responding like any American – taking full professional advantage of the tax law that Obama and Biden allowed during their Administration.  

Then came Trump’s shot a Biden’s son, Hunter, where a totally unseasoned, sordid recovering alcoholic, as late as 2018 and drug addicted, non-qualified person received millions of compensation from Russia and the Ukraine all because of his father.

What most people do not know was that Hunter as recently as 2014 was dishonorably discharged from the US Navy because of his use of cocaine. 

This was then followed by the ineptness of Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, who presided over and controlled debate, where he was totally unqualified to moderate over an out-of-controlled debate and covering up Biden as bests as he could from Trump’s relentless attacks.   

Now comes the true question as to whom won, if you can call it that, the debate. if one is able to pardon Trump’s style, I would say Trump because never did Biden talk about his real record of domestic and international complacency over his 47 years in politics. add a 2nd question to this is that whom did you want to represent our great Nation; Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Personally, I prefer a street fighter who will stand up to America as the leader of the World, fighting for the respect that we deserved and have earned over the years, as the charitable neighbor of the World.  My preference is for one who in four years has produced an economy like no one has ever seen in the World be recaptured in less than his 1st 2 years in Office.  

“We cannot blame Trump for the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for no one saw it coming and no one, even the most senior medical professionals, can agree on the effect nor the end of this monstrous disease. What I will say is that Trump has, with both good and often contradictory advice, probably done better than the most qualified person would do, is to focus on the acute problem caused by China and rapidly attempt to bring it to a positive solution. Not even Congress knows how to fight this predicament. Otherwise they would had purported solutions to it which they have not, except to throw pork-barreled money against. At least Trump is trying and hopefully a vaccine will  be convincingly developed. 

In the meantime, getting idle minds and bodies back to work should also be a concurrent objective. 

On Judge Amy C. Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

Joe Biden misstated Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s position on Obamacare in Tuesday’s presidential debate.”

Responding to moderator Chris Wallace’s opening question on each candidate’s position on Judge Barrett, Biden responded, “What she’s written before she went on the bench, which is her right, is that she thinks the Affordable Care Act is not constitutional.

Judge Barrett has not said that the ACA, aka Obamacare, is unconstitutional. She has written that Obamacare’s individual mandate, the requirement that people have health coverage or pay fine, is not constitutional.”

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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