Ben Currie Vs Darren Weir: Extremes are Hurting Australian Racing

Ben Currie Vs Darren Weir: Extremes are Hurting Australian Racing

Aussie Racing is being directly impacted by the wildly erratic behavior of regulators.

The 2 cases in point Ben Currie and Darren Weir have highlighted the inconsistency and apparent hypocrisy of those that are charged with the responsibility of keeping Racing clean.

Darren Weir was arrested in a grand theatrical event aimed at convicting him in the court of public opinion, I think his rights were infringed upon and he was treated in an appalling fashion by the media and the authorities prior to his conviction.

Racing Victoria did however deal with the events after the grandstanding very well, it was fast, the maximum penalty was imposed and it was over.

In Queensland the Ben Currie incident has turned into a soap opera, and he is still training horses.

The charge sheet against Ben Currie is extensive but unlike Victoria he is still training 1 year into the charges being laid, since then a series of additional charges have been laid for offenses that occurred after the initial charges and there seems to be no end in sight to the circus.

The inability of the Queensland racing authorities to act is mind-boggling.

Many people now, including one of Queensland’s most important industry participants Aquis Farms have had enough.

It is difficult to question the decision of Aquis Farms, they are heavily invested in Queensland racing but they like many others feel the integrity of the States racing is now compromised.

While many trainers and owners would like to follow the strong leadership of Shane McGrath at Aquis, their are of course financial realities that prohibit them from doing so, most industry participants are small business people or hobbyists that can not afford to stop racing.

Queensland needs to clean up this mess now.

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