A 9-to-5 Job Vs a ‘Startup’ the Pros & Cons

A 9-to-5 Job Vs a ‘Startup’ the Pros & Cons

A 9-to-5 Job Vs a ‘Startup’ the Pros & Cons

The Big Q: Why a Startup Vs a  9-to-5 job

The Big A: You become a “Jack of All Trades”

Because of limited manpower in startups, everyone involved has take on every role given. It is more work, is can be hard work, but it is the kind of diverse work that people need to acquire valuable skills.

Such skills that boost ones personal value, usually not measured in the form of hourly wages. The more you know, the more confident you and valuable you are. Because, unlike the majority of people who live to perfect 1 or 2 skills in their entire career, you acquire a lot of skill, the kind of skills that set you apart from the guys and gals that work on the assembly line at the Chevrolet Plant.

Hey, that’s a really good thing in this day and age.

And unlike jobs in the corporate sector, startups allow for innovation, tackling a new project or trying a different approach. and that kind of flexibility is very important for success. Such innovative and interactive relations brings more ideas to the forefront.

And that’s when the best ideas come about inside the Team, and people get to learn new things fast. Meaning, that long as you keep an open mind, and strong determination, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want to do.

My words to those embarking on an entrepreneurial career are, “Nose down, Tail up and Head into the Wind.”

People in startups mingle very well, and that is because in startup culture, people are more accepting of and really love learning about every facet of each other’s character.

People come together and form a Team, friends, and family. When times get tough, the Team sticks it out and fights together. When the Team succeeds, the Team celebrates.

So, when you have a team that enjoys working together, the speed at which goals are achieved quickens.

Most companies want their employees to work and keep working without complaints. Today’s good jobs are scarce  means workers are on-call or stay in past 5:00p, unless they just do not care about getting sacked. So that 9-t0-5 jobs is really a form of voluntary slavery.

Startups are different.

In a pinch you can tell your Team leader that you have to go out, and know what you will be excused without being penalized or labeled malingerer, aka Sick, Lame, and Lazy .

People on a Team understand living life, understand family, and all that goes with independence. They understand what has come to be know as “work-life balance”. Because, happy people means productivity.

Not everyone can work at a startup.

There are traits that set people above and aside from the ordinary. That 5% is what all great startup founders seek when the Team is being assembled.

Below is a list of Q’s that you have to answer if your believe you have what it takes to be in a startup, as follows:

  • Are you a person that gets things done before the deadline?
  • How much pressure can you take before you cave in?
  • Can get up and get going after a failure?
  • How driven are you to push to be better overall?

At the end of the day, the Team’s performance impacts how far, how fast a startup can grow.

So if you are ambitious, and  craves to learn, a startup may be for you.

Remember, before you make the final call whether to stick with your 9-to-5 job or move in a a new direction,  be sure you you are fully prepared to sacrifice, and experience failure before seeing extraordinary results.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Again, “Nose down, Tail up and Head into the Wind.”

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