On 70 Yrs of Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) World Wide Brand Presence

On 70 Yrs of Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) World Wide Brand Presence

On 70 Yrs of Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) World Wide Brand Presence


The 70th Anni of Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) is a great opportunity to look into the future, and to stop and look back.

“This is because, in this company, as you know, the best Ferrari is the next one. This comes from founder Enzo Ferrari no less,” said Enrico Galliera, chief marketing and commercial officer at Ferrari,

He went on to say that this anniversary is a great opportunity to look back at our history and share with its clients. “We are having a big event in every country, a celebration that will allow our clients and collectors to join us in sharing the passion.”

On plans for an FUV

A Key reasons for the success of Ferrari is that is has been able to remain consistent with its history.

The 812, for example, has a low slung driving position [slouches right down in the chair to demonstrate it, hands and feet stretched out. This is the driving position of a Super sportscar.

When you drive an SUV, you sit like you are driving a truck, I know both positions well, I have a Laforza, it is based on a 5 ton Fiat Iveco Truck

It can be a very fast truck, but the experience of driving it is very different from driving a sportscar.

The GTC4Lusso, which is a “shooting brake” is Ferrari’s idea of an SUV. As Ferrari cannot be a car that is far off the ground and roll like a ship.

So, expect that its future execution will be different, but will be consistent with its history.  We have to wait to see what it will be.

On naming of Ferrari cars

Mr. Galliera says, there are some rules that Ferrari likes to follow. 1st of all, they use some clues from the past. Many of the cars are named in line with engine displacement, horsepower, cylinder capacity, etc. The 812 is 800hp, 12 cylinders, for example. Then it uses another name from its history, like Superfast.

“Sometimes, we are good at it and sometimes we are not. There are names I don’t like, but that’s life. We have a selection process that is run by our marketing department. They come up with three or four names and then the final decision is taken by the executives.”

On Evolutionary cars Vs Revolutionary ones

Porsche is very consistent. Their car is always a 911 and every single car is similar to the previous one.

“I’m not saying one is right and the other, wrong. But the strategy at Ferrari is exactly the opposite. We consider every single car a piece of art, and you cannot just improve a painting; you have to make it different. We don’t want to just change a few lines and keep the same profile.”

Every Special Edition Ferrari put out in the market is not just a car where we take out 20 kilos and add 10 horsepower more; which is what most other players do.

Ferrari always have something different from a technological point of view that makes the car different.

The Tour de France (F12tdf), for example, has 4-wheel steering, it was the 1st car Ferrari developed with it.

So, every time it launches a new car there is something special. Management believes it makes the car that much more interesting.

On switching back to front-engine, 12-cylinder cars

Ferrari had mid-engine V12 (180deg) cars in the past. But, in Y 1996 Ferrari made a decision that it wanted the 12-cylinder engine in the front. This was done in the 550 Maranello for 2 reasons.

The 1st is that Ferrari is a Supercar maker that can deliver uncompromised performance with the engine in the front.

It is easier if you put the engine in the back. But, Ferrari believe it has the technology to deliver performance that no one else is able to achieve with the engine in the front.

And 2nd, when the engine in the front, there can be more space on board.

Try to enter a mid, rear 12-cylinder car, sit in the car and do this, take out your phone, there is no place.

The space on board is very little.

In a front engined car you have space in the boot for luggage, you have space to put your jacket and even space for your Smartphone.

I owned a Testarossa in Y 1987, had to have it, but I did not like it sold it and bought a 456M, and had all of that room I spoke about above.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 107.5 11 August 2017 -1.17 106.59 107.84 106.17 558,851
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Neutral (0.24) Neutral (0.02) Neutral (0.23) Bullish (0.46)

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