George Soros, the ‘Wounded Beast’, “I will take down President Trump”

George Soros, the ‘Wounded Beast’, “I will take down President Trump”

George Soros, the ‘Wounded Beast’, “I will take down President Trump”

Speaking at the exclusive convention in the Swiss Alps for high ranking politicians an corporation heads, which many believe is actually a secret Illuminati meeting Goerge Soros vowed to destroy President Trump’s entire agenda.

Mr. Soros, a Hillary Clinton supporter and DNC funder, is reported to have lost almost $1-B as the stock market rallied following news that Donald Trump was elected President. And stands to lose another $1.5-B on his continuing bet against The Trump Rally.

Speaking to a packed audience at his annual dinner at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Mr. Soros warned large multinational corporations to hold off from doing any business in the United States until he has ended Donald Trump’s Presidency, or else face the consequences.

Asked what advice he would give to businesses preparing for the impact of the new Presidency, he said, “I’d keep as far away from it as I can“.

The billionaire hedge fund manager initially became famous for having made $1-B by betting on the devaluation of he pound Sterling in Y 1992.

Mr. Soros attributed the rise in the markets to Mr. Trump’s pledge to cut regulation and taxes but told the elite gathered at the World Economic Forum that the good times under President Trump would not last.

Back then Mr. Soros said that after Donald Trump takes office in under 24 hours “reality will prevail“.

George Soros, a Jewish Nazi collaborator, said he was confident President Trump’s powers would be limited by Congress. “He won’t be able to get away with being a dictator,” he added.

Mr. Soros’s comments to the international economic elite in Switzerland come after Wall Street analysts have begun referring to him as a “Wounded Beast” and warned that he is “Hell Bent on Revenge” after his candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, failed to win the Presidential election.

Pundits and financial market analysts have been keeping a close eye on this “Wounded Beast” in recent weeks to determine his next move and reports are now emerging that the funds Mr. Soros wasted on Mrs. Clinton are set to be dwarfed by the amount of money he is now spending in the bond market.

The plan is to create “financial Armageddon and unleash Hell“, driving the Western world, and in particular the United States, to the edge of ruin.

Out of the flames a Phoenix will rise and this will be Mr. Soros’ vision of the New World Order (NWO).

George Soros believes the US stock market is President Trump’s weak point. He claims Trump has “No chance” of surviving his upcoming market assault, gloating that the future POTUS will be destroyed and unable to focus on “Making America Great Again”.

Editor’s Note: George Soros perhaps is the most evil man in the USA.


Paul Ebeling, Editor


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