50% of American’s are Actively Trying to Lose Weight

50% of American’s are Actively Trying to Lose Weight

50% of American’s are Actively Trying to Lose Weight

Half of the adults in the United States are trying to lose weight, according to a study published Thursday, with more Women than Men seeking to shed a some pounds

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted from Ys 2013 through 2016, found that 49.1% of Americans aged 20 and older had tried to lose weight in the last 12 months.

A higher percentage of Women, 56%, had tried to lose weight than Men, at 42%.

Nearly 6 out of 10% between the age of 40 and 59 years old said they had tried to lose weight.

Nearly 40% of the US population was considered obese in Y 2015-2016, a figure which rises to 70% if it includes those considered overweight.

The survey found that it was not only people who were overweight who were looking to lose pounds.

25% of those surveyed who were of normal weight or even underweight had sought to slim down.

The study found that the most common methods of losing weight were exercising and eating less food.

My Key is eat to Real food, exercise and avoid sugar at all costs.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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