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5 Annoying Habits and How To Overcome Them

#1 Loud Chewers

How To: Put a little bit of the food into your mouth. Now close your mouth, chewing with only your back teeth. Chew slowly; this helps you keep your mouth closed.

#2 Picking Your Nose

How To: If you feel something inside, excuse yourself to the bathroom and get it in private or ask for a tissue and blow it out. If you just like putting your finger in your nose….. don’t.

#3 Constantly Staring At Your Phone

How To: Even though it may sometimes be uncomfortable to not be on your phone and maybe sit in silence together, it is better to show you are engaged rather than ignoring others. If you are to be on your phone, stay alert to others behaviors and feelings about the situation. Jointly being on the phone is ok, but once one goes down, reciprocate the action of socializing.

#4 Not Wearing Deodorant

How To: This is a simple fix, DEODORANT! Even though you shower, you will still give off a natural bad scent, that is why they invented deodorant, just apply it every morning whether you shower or not. Try to also shower tho.

#5 Interrupting

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 13: Kanye West (L) jumps onstage after Taylor Swift (C) won the “Best Female Video” award during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

How To: If your interruption was not necessary to the flow of the current persons story/sentence then what you did was definitely quite rude. Giving someone an extra few seconds to finish what they were saying saves more time than interrupting and having them repeat themselves.

Ivy Heffernan
Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.

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