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4 Long-Term Investment Ideas for Savvy Entrepreneurs


People looking to make a quick buck on the stock market are rarely successful. Indeed, while short-term gains can be a happy side effect of any sound investment strategy, the most successful professionals recognize that playing the long game is much more important –– and lucrative –– than trying to get rich quick. As such, today we’ll be looking past the current turmoil of the stock markets in an attempt to identify long-term investment opportunities that ambitious investors will want to explore further. Check them out here: 

Remote Communications Tech

Some may wrongly assume that because remote technology has experienced a recent boom because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that it will naturally experience a fall in the coming months or years. While that may be possible, the reality is that the long-term prospects for the remote communications industry looks awfully good. (Don’t let the psychology of investing cloud your judgement on this one.) Consider that some health experts predict that COVID restrictions may need to stay in place until the fourth quarter of 2021. What’s more, remote technology was already a good investment before social distancing became necessary and prevalent. People will continue to work from home well after the pandemic ends, which makes remote communications tech a safe investment for unsure entrepreneurs.  

Artificial Intelligence

AI has never been more important than it is today. What’s so notable about  AI is that it’s possible it may become even more essential in the future. More and more companies are coming to rely on AI to serve a huge variety of functions –– from sorting massive data files, to answering website visitor queries. It’s hard to go wrong investing in AI. 

Hospitality & Travel

Believe it or not, some of the businesses hit hardest by the current pandemic may represent the best long-term investment values. While COVID-19 will certainly continue to have an impact on flight bookings and hotel reservations for the next few months, the truth is that –– eventually –– hotels and airlines will recover. And it’s possible that they could come back in a big and impressive manner sooner than many realize. 

Small Businesses

Small businesses play a crucial role in the American economy, and they could be primed for serious growth in the coming years. Since many small companies have suffered through the past few months, the few small businesses that have managed to thrive will likely only go from strength to  strength. It’s also worth noting that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to invest in their own company. Purchasing new tech tools or investing in an educational program to boost team dynamics can, on their own, produce meaningful returns. It’s never a bad thing to invest in projects you believe in!

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