Damac Properties Reveals its Aykon Daredevil Attraction

Damac Properties Reveals its Aykon Daredevil Attraction

Damac Properties Reveals its Aykon Daredevil Attraction

The development will allow daredevils to venture to the edge of the roof in just a harness

Dubai property developer Damac has revealed more details about its adrenaline-fueled project Aykon Dare, which allows daredevil visitors to lean over the edge of the roofline.

The 1st-of-its-kind tourist attraction will from part of the developer’s Aykon City project and be modeled on experiences available by the EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower in Canada and Sky Tower’s SkyWalk in Auckland, New Zealand.


Aykon Dare will be situated at the top of Aykon City’s tallest tower, allowing a daredevil to venture to the edge of the building’s roofline, 935 ft above the ground.

Visitors will be able to walk onto the landing platform on the 78th floor lounge and dining room before being harnessed to a safety rail leading up the roofline to the upper level. They will also be able to step up and out into a glass-floored viewing capsule.

Aykon City will feature 4 towers made up of 5 Star hotel accommodation, luxury hotel apartments, office space, residences, retail, dining and entertainment.

By Neil King

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