3 Weight Loss Tips You Don’t Hear Often

3 Weight Loss Tips You Don’t Hear Often

1. Stop Stressing

One reason you could be putting on weight or not losing it is the amount of stress your putting your body under. If your stressed, you may go to the gym one day but then that same night, your binge eating away your problems.

Stress can range from problems with friends, falling behind on school work, not liking your job, relationship problems. It is best to remember one thing, none of that matters.

Yes your job matters, but if it is affecting you in a bad way, you need to make a change. We always need to take the risk to be happy. If your relationships are causing you stress then you need to remember to put yourself first. You don’t need people around who cause you stress and hold you behind from your goals. Take a step back and realise ok, i want to be the best i can be, that means going through some things alone. So whether you need to go to the gym alone or not join in on your friends every day routine plans, just do it. Take some time off for yourself.

2. Stay Hygienic

If you don’t wake up and shower or keep your room clean, or your house clean then it is easy to fall back into your bad habits. If you want to start losing weight and be a better person, you need to start with your environment. A good environment and living situation can have a really positive impact on the choices you make, how you feel and your motivation.

3. Make a Change

Don’t allow yourself to get bored or sedentary for too long. A few hours or a day is ok, but not days on end, not weeks, or months or years. That will leave us eating to receive those feel good hormones, and then you will gain weight and it will become harder to do the things you love that you stopped doing.

Think about your hobbies, think about what you might like to do, try something new even. Go swimming, play a sport, join a class, plan a trip, improve your fashion, start an online business or YouTube, go find a boyfriend/girlfriend, plan something sweet to do for your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are so many things you can do, keep trying new things until you find something you like. Life can’t be lived sedentary. Go out. Be happy. Be who you think you are in your head.

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