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3 Easy Hidden Talents You Can Learn To Impress Friends

Sometimes it can be fun to pull out a new or hidden trick you have in-front of your friends. Something they never knew you could do.

Whether it be something useful like picking a lock, something funny like moon-walking out of a conversation, something shocking like pulling a scarf through your neck, or something incredible like being able to tell when its raining. Learn how to do them all below.

1. Pick a Lock

Picking a lock will come in handy a few times in our lives and to know someone who can do this, is a life saver. Whether it is to open your dorm windows more than you normally could or if your stuck outside your house. Even better, if your friend/date is stuck outside their house, your their saviour.

To do this, watch the short video belwo.

2. Moonwalk

Moon-walking may not seem like a cool hidden talent, but when you time it right, it can make a few people laugh and may even get the attention of that special someone. Being dorky sometimes is always cute.

3. Pull a Scarf Through Your Neck

To pull a scarf through your neck what you need to do is a little complicated to be explained through words, so take a watch of this quick 4 minute video to learn.

4. Know When It’s Raining

Not everyone can have a fifth sense like Karen Smith from Mean Girls. Maybe stick to learning the tricks above. Sorry!

Ivy Heffernan
Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.

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