3 Crucial Ways To Prep Your Face For Makeup

3 Crucial Ways To Prep Your Face For Makeup

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is important because if you don’t do this before you apply your makeup then your makeup will look patchy and flaky. The foundation and powder will just bring out all the flaws you left on your skin before doing your makeup.

To achieve that flawless, doll-like skin texture you want through makeup, then you need to make sure you have a clean base to work with. Wash your face and then exfoliate until your skin is smooth and there are no flakes or dry spots on your face.

2. Moisturize n Tone

Moisturizing and toning after you have exfoliated your face is extremely important so you are not left with dry skin. Dry skin does not have the quick remedy flaky skin does.

So once you have finished exfoliating, then pat your face dry softly with a clean towel. You will then put some toner onto your hand, not on a tissue or cotton bud, and then press your palms on your face. Softly pressing that toner deep into your skin for all the benefits, make sure to get behind the ears, the neck, the under-eyes, the temples, you want your whole face to feel lifted and new.

Next, it is time to apply that moisturizer. You can use a normal face moisturizer or a matte moisturizer depending on how you want your makeup to look after. Do not use a moisturizer that leaves your skin oily and do not use too much if your skin is prone to getting oily. Only use a little bit on the areas that get dry, for example right above your eyebrows, your neck, the tip of your nose, the sides of your cheeks. Places you will want to be careful of over moisturizing are the sides of your nostrils, the chin, the cheek area where most of your pores are.

3. Natural Beauty

Before you think about doing your makeup, it is important, more than you may realize, to be happy with your face before the makeup. Makeup is meant for us to improve the way we look not create the way we look. Or at least for an every day basis.

Before you choose to go an draw your eyebrows on from nothing, there are other ways to have naturally beautiful eyebrows like tinting, or threading, or microblading. And before you go coat your blonde eyelashes in a million layers of mascara, look into tinting your eyelashes. Having eyebrows and eyelashes that are seamlessly on fleek because they didn’t need much makeup work on them to look good is the biggest flex when doing your makeup.

For best results with makeup, if your base is already somewhat done, than your makeup will look flawless and effortless.

So the biggest lessons when it comes to doing your makeup is to make sure you are happy with your natural face (yes a natural face can be one you worked on), and you have prepped your natural face.

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