Update: 58 People Shot, 4 Dead This Weekend in Mr. Hussein Obama’s Stronghold

Update: 58 People Shot, 4 Dead This Weekend in Mr. Hussein Obama’s Stronghold

Update: 58 50 46  25 People Shot, 4 Dead This Weekend in Mr. Hussein Obama’s Stronghold

  • And the mayhem continues

During the 14 hours between Friday afternoon and early Sunday night, at least 50 people were shot in the City of Chicago, including 4 who died and a 3-year-old who was hit by bullets while being among 7 others who were wounded in 1 attack alone.

Chicago police reported the 27-year-old man who was killed was shot in the chest and arm just before 3:00p while on the city’s South Side, he later died in the hospital.

Meanwhile, a teenager died after he shot himself in the head after police chased him. Chicago police spokesman said officers tried to question him about a weapon, when the teen ran and then shot himself.

“Chicago is America’s Afghanistan” —By Clarence McKee 

According to the Chicago Tribune’s crime tracking team, as of 6 August 318 people have been killed and 1,785 have been shot YTD. That weekend, of the reported 74 gunshot victims, 14 were under 18 including 2 of the reported 12 killed — an 11 and 13-year-old.

Gianno Caldwell, A Black Man with family in Chicago, has been touched by the violence.

He put it in perspective in his recent opinion article: “The gun and gang violence rampant in Chicago… is a daily, piercing threat. Bullets are indiscriminate, and the death toll has a crippling grip on Chicago’s black community that continually seeks help from state and local leaders, only to be met with more disappointment and yet another funeral… for Black kids… going out to play in their own neighborhoods or even their own backyards may be a life and death decision.”

Black lives do not matter in Chicago, Mr. Hussein Obama’s stronghold.

Stay tuned…

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