The 21 August Total Solar Eclipse Will Mesmerize & Paralyze

The 21 August Total Solar Eclipse Will Mesmerize & Paralyze

The 21 August Total Solar Eclipse Will Mesmerize & Paralyze

Table the debates on repealing Barack Obamacare, tax reform, the mainstream media’s obsession with anti-Trump Administration stories, or investigations into Russian election meddling, as 21 August is going to mesmerize and draw a dividing line through America like never before.

A Coast-to-Coast total solar eclipse,  a line from Oregon to South Carolina, which crosses 14 states and impacts 12.2-M people living with the 70-mile-wide band, will start at 12:04p EDT that Monday and go down as the 1st US Coast-to-Coast solar eclipse since Y 1918.

“If we have some good weather, it will absolutely be the most viewed total eclipse in human history,” retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak said Sunday.

The event’s impact is much more than mere celestial intrigue.

Hotel bookings for travels to view the event along the swath have “skyrocketed,” and Oregon’s state Attorney General is even investigating claims motels have dropped advance reservations in attempt “to resell them for up to $1,000 a night,” the media has reported.

Also, traffic in the states around that line from Oregon to South Carolina has the potential to create a “Great American Traffic Jam,” per the report.

The website forecasts the best viewing areas and the most troublesome traffic routes.

The US will have varying degrees of totality of the eclipse, but if you can also watch live coverage of the event at

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