Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton Should Quit Race Over Foundation Investigations”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton Should Quit Race Over Foundation Investigations”

Donald Trump, “Hillary Clinton Should Quit Race Over Foundation Investigations”

Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run for the Presidency, Donald Trump said Thursday, considering the latest news that the FBI has been conducting a criminal investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation and her “pay-for-play corruption.”

“In other words, the FBI is investigating how Hillary CLinton put the office of Secretary of State up for sale in violation of federal law,” he said. “The investigation is described as a high priority. It is far reaching and has been going on for more than one year.”

“The system shows that the political leadership at the Department of Justice is trying to protect Hillary Clinton and interfering with the FBI,” Donald Trump said. “By comparison, 4-Star Gen. James Cartwright, is in serious trouble for doing a fraction of what Hillary Clinton did, and may go to jail 5 years. Gen. Cartwright, a 4 Star General respected by everybody, did a tiny, tiny fraction[of what Clinton did and may go to jail for now five years.”

Hillary Clinton should not be allowed to run.

More than 650,000 e-Mails were found, Donald Trump said, poking fun at her claims that deleted e-Mails were about daughter Chelsea’s wedding and some yoga classes.

“No less than 5 foreign intelligence agencies successfully hacked into the Hillary Clinton’s illegal and not secure server and accessed classified information to create a ongoing security threat to the United States,” Donald Trump said. “Hillary Clinton engaged in a massive, far-reaching criminal conduct and equally far-reaching cover-up. She created an illegal e-Mail server to shield and guard her activities.”

The investigation should have taken place while the probe of Clinton’s private e-Mail server was going on, but she was protected by the DOJ.

“She illegally transmitted confidential information and lied about it to Congress,” Donald Trump said. “She illegally destroyed federal records, including 33,000 e-Mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. And she made 13 phones disappear some, with a hammer. Who in this room has gotten rid of a phone and then smashed the hell out of it with a hammer?”

“Those are all lies because she recalled everyone of them,” he said. “A high-ranking government official caught selling her public office and endangering national security and engaging in a massive criminal cover-up, if she were to win it would create an unprecedented Constitutional crisis.”

And, he continued, she’ll likely be under investigation for many years, and that will be “likely to conclude in a criminal trial. This is not what we need folks. We need somebody that will go to work to bring our jobs back. Take care of our military. To strengthen up our borders.”

The recent leaks of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton have been sparked by a feeling within the agency the Democratic Presidential nominee is corrupt and should not be elected President.

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