2019 Classic 24 Hrs at DAYTONA Got Underway All-American Style

2019 Classic 24 Hrs at DAYTONA Got Underway  All-American Style

Americans give the singing of the national anthem something extra.

It might be something to do with being a country born of revolutionary war, or it might just be that events of the last 10 years have made everyone in the US enjoy the chance to come together every now and then rather than fighting.

The combination of the slowly, and emotionally sung Star Spangled Banner, military escorts for the Stars and Stripes, and a heartfelt hand on heart from all watching does add up to stirring stuff.

Then of course you get the words that start every race over in America, calling on those in their cars to fire up each engine.

Cutting the patriotic fervor with the sounds of combustion. In this case from a huge field of LMP and GT racers. America does things differently, but they know exactly how they want to do it.

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