The $19.95 a Month Cell Phone Plan

The $19.95 a Month Cell Phone Plan
  • WiFi Wireless Network

  • No Contract

  • Unlimited Data, Text and Calling

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Phone to Phone – Not Computer to Computer

  • Global Service at No Additional Cost

  • Video Streaming

  • Online Directory Stores your Contacts to the WiFi Cloud

  • Call Waiting, Forwarding and Conferencing

  • Take a Look

Wifi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) is a solutions provider in the wireless communications industry. The  Company is involved in several distinct business activities in the wireless industry.

This summary focuses on pre-paid unlimited mobile WiFi soft phone services for voice, text, data and  streaming without a dedicated connection to a “hot spot” or WiFi Network.  The expected price point  for the service is $25 per month.

The Company is targeting 5 million users in the first 36 months globally.

The size of the smart phone market is currently 3 billion connected smart phones, a number expected to  increase to 6 billion by 2020.  WiFi Wireless, Inc.’s profit potential is huge even with a smaller-thanexpected market share.

WiFi Wireless’s network is now up and running and the mobile app will work on both Android and  iPhones.  It can be used as your primary phone or as a secondary line on your existing smart phone.

The services will be made available through the network via a smart phone application branded as  “Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.”  (however, the final logo / Product Identity Package has not been  unveiled).
WiFi’s pre-paid plans are offered at considerable savings relative to current industry rates and an industry SWOT analysis can be found in the WiFi Wireless marketing plan.

We have spent over a year utilizing open source software developing a unique network and network architecture that can be easily upgraded as technology develops. However the design is and will remain a trade secret and is part of our proprietary suite of software.

The app is free to download and the suite of bundled services will be available through the Company’s  website and via various affiliate marketing strategies.

These strategies include:

1. Branded Service Direct to Consumer by Celebrity Distributors:  Traffic is driven to the Company’s  “landing page” from celebrity social media and special events. This sports and entertainment strategy offers the Company’s brand high impact celebrity appeal and exposure to tens of millions of consumers.  (See Marketing Plan)

2. White Label Re-Sellers:  Third party telecommunications companies may re-sell WiFi Wireless services using their own brand and logo.  The Company is in discussions with several re-sellers who have existing
customer bases to convert.  Although this program allows re-sellers to use their brand and logo, the underlying Service will always bear the Company’s theme or Slogan “Powered by Wifi Wireless, Inc.”

3.  Affiliate Sales Programs: Various marketers will advertise the WiFi Wireless, Inc. branded service on  their website(s) and or other media and the traffic to purchase goes to our landing page.  Credit for that  consumer subscription is given to the affiliate marketer automatically.

4.  Traditional Phone Cards:  Branded phone cards will be offered for sale at various markets, liquor stores, airport shops, etc., wherever phone cards are sold today.  The customer simply scratches off the  authorization code and downloads the app and registers.

5.  Enterprise White Label:  Through this program, small, medium, or large companies can private label  their WiFi Wireless, Inc.’s  service using their logo and still exhibit the fact that the service is “Powered  by WiFi Wireless, Inc.”   This strategy extends to industries such as banks, debit card companies,  and automobile manufacturers.

The Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Ted Abrams, former President of the PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Association. The Company’s Chairman, Eugene Curcio, is a pioneer in various  fields of telecommunications including pre-paid services and satellite communications.

WiFi Wireless, Inc., was an early pioneer in the use of WiFi as an enabling technology in telecommunications and has been quietly building the infrastructure, the team, and the capital resources to provide superior quality services at a fraction of the usual cost using the same network and protocol as the telecommunication giants.

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