13% of American Adults are Regular Users of Marijuana

13% of American Adults are Regular Users of Marijuana

13% of American Adults are Regular Users of Marijuana

Marijuana use is on the rise, active use almost 2X’ing in 3 years, and 43% of Americans have at least tried the drug, representing a steady increase from 4% in Y 1969, according to Gallup’s Consumption Habits poll in mid-July.

Gallup noted that at least 13% of adults are current users.

In November 5 states will vote on whether to legalize Recreational Marijuana use in November, despite federal law prohibiting the drug.

Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have already legalized it, and 25 US states have some variation of legal medicinal use on their books.

An additional 4 states will have medical cannabis on this November’s ballot.

It is estimated that 33-M Americans are active marijuana smokers, compared to 40-M of legal tobacco cigarettes.

Support for legalizing cannabis use has been fairly strong and Gallup reported in October 2015 that 58% of Americans backed the movement to legalize it.

Its use is most prevalent with men (12%) Vs. women (7%) and young males 18 to 29 years old (19%), per the July 2016 survey. The survey results also reported that 14% of users said they rarely go to church, while only 2% said the went.

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