The Role of the Modern Day Father in America’s Society

The Role of the Modern Day Father in America’s Society

As a society we are going wrong somewhere with the type of men that are being raised

It finally has become acceptable in American society that when there is no Father in the household the capabilities of the Mother come into question.

The man who fathered the children is most often not allowed to interface and react with his children, and a majority of the Mothers work diligently and through the family courts to keep men at bay.

Believing that they can carry the man’s load and raise the children without him, subjecting him to various and sundry unreasonable whims.

Most of the father’s that I know, estranged or not understand their place as The Family Man.

This man does not deign to creates discomfort for women and children, but is forced by certain components of society to live the blueprint of some one who wreaks havoc on the woman’s dominance in the ‘broken family’ culture.

The Big Q: When can we all acknowledge that there is no place for this kind of toxic relationship between people.

The Big A: It is well know that when a responsible, caring man is present in the household, he becomes the role model guiding boys in the right direction.

Women do not have to and are not suited to assume the roles of Mother and Father, and raise a Boy to a Man, as they only have experience of being a woman.

Too many men are raised by single women who have to wing it because of estranged Fathers being kept out of their lives, more often than not estranged by the efforts of the single Mother, bolstered by judges in Family Law courts..

Our society has made and accepted too many reasons for the weaknesses and failures of men as Fathers and the women as parental stalwarts.

The truth is our society has gone wrong somewhere with the type of men single mothers are raising.

This has to change timely to avoid a complete breakdown in the fabric of American life and living.

Your comments please.

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