The #1 Health News Story of 2016, the Mysterious Zika Vrius

The #1 Health News Story of 2016, the Mysterious Zika Vrius

The #1 Health News Story of 2016, the Mysterious Zika Vrius

When news reports began to emerge of mysterious, severe birth defects in Brazilian newborns, few of us could have imagined these isolated tragedies would explode into the leading health news story of Y 2016: The Zika Virus.

Quickly, the few Brazilian cases of microcephaly grew to become thousands. Doctors quickly made the link between maternal infection with mosquito-borne Zika in pregnancy, and infant microcephaly and other neurological issues.

In the US, officials at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) went on high alert as the Summer mosquito season came on.

Cases of infection in the Miami area and the Tex-Mex border led to travel alerts for pregnant women, along with advice for warding off Mosquito bites, as the areas were doused with toxic chemicals.

By Autumn, the Zika panic had begun to subside, the CDC lifted its Miami advisory although another for Brownsville, Texas, remains.

In November, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Zika to be a chronic threat, much like other mosquito-borne scourges, but no longer a global health emergency as the

Progress toward effective vaccines seems promising, scientists reported.

However, the threat remains real, and just last Thursday the CDC said it had earmarked another $184-M to help prevent and fight Zika.

Being a proponent of the natural relief from the pesky blood thirsty Mosquito, I learned of a non-toxic, efficient and inexpensive Zika virus control. And that Florida based Penta 5 USA had non-toxic repellent that takes the bite out of Mosquitoes.

In late August 2016, I met with R. Charles Murray, Founder/CEO Penta 5 USA and learned that he has succeeded in developing a new class of products that can halt a Mosquitoe’s appetite for human Blood.

Penta 5’s products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Marketed under the brand name SECURE™ no-bite the line consists of lotions and “Zone Attractants.”

The latter take the form of pouches that are filled with dry and liquid patented compounds which when combined and shaken produce a gas emission that attracts mosquitoes.

The emission confounds the mosquito’s appetite for a protein “bloodmeal” and in so doing ensures a zone of up to 400 sqf for up to 15 days.

Continual use maintains a safe no-Bite Zone. No less effective, the SECURE™ Anytime™ lotion permits users to work and play in areas outside the zone infested by “bloodmeal” seeking mosquitoes without the fear of being bitten.

Mr. Murray told me that “SECURE™ no-Bite Zone attractants have been shown to effectively reduce mosquito populations and therefor reduce the risk of dangerous bites. Also, that only the female mosquitoe seek ‘bloodmeals,’ meaning the iron and proteins of which are used to form eggs.

SECURE™ no-bite Zone 15 day emission confounds the female mosquito causing her to seek nectar as a replacement meal. Penta5’s SECURE™ Anytime™ lotion allows people to move outside of the Zone, remain bite-free and significantly, the product poses no threat to children, pets or wildlife.”

Under test in both laboratory and outdoor conditions for the past year the release of SECURE™ no-bite products now as the Zika virus breaks out over South Florida is an important safety issue for the population and the commercial interest of the State of Florida.

Penta 5 USA LLC is the wellness product division of PPi Technologies GROUP. The PPi Technologies GROUP of companies are all based in Sarasota, Florida.

For more information go to:

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



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