Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi Tracker App

Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi Tracker App

Enjoying Fort Lauderdale’s favorite and most iconic water transportation just got even easier. The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi today announced the launch of its all-new, no-cost Water Taxi Tracker App, now available for download on iOS and Android. A must-have for anyone using the service, the easy-to-activate app provides a variety of convenient features that help guests efficiently plan their day and minimize wait time.

Specifically developed for Water Taxi over the past several months, the new app’s GPS-based system allows users to see where they are in relation to nearby Water Taxi stops, as well as the location and direction of the service’s various vessels at the given moment. The Water Taxi Tracker App also provides estimated time of arrival for the next Water Taxi at each stop. These features help give guests a clear picture of when and where they need to be to meet Water Taxis and how long it will take them to get there.

“With 11 vessels, a combined capacity of 1000 guests, and 22 stops spread over more than 16 miles of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood waterways, our Water Taxis unfortunately cannot be in all places at one time. So we specially designed the new Water Taxi Tracker App to create an even more enjoyable and hassle-free experience for our frequent users and visitors,” said Water Taxi General Manager and Tracker App Program Manager Dan Fuhrman. “This app will be a true game changer for guests and the Water Taxi alike, bringing our customer service and satisfaction to a whole new level.”

Fuhrman continued: “It is important to remember that if you do not have the app, there is also plenty of information available elsewhere to have a great day on the Water Taxi. Brochures are available at most hotels and tourist venues, and many concierge and restaurant staff can guide you to the nearest stop. Additionally, the Water Taxi customer service office is staffed during all hours of operation at 954-467-6677 and our comprehensive web site is available 24/7 at”

Although very user-friendly, the Water Taxi Tracker App has a useful Help Page to guide new users through how to understand and fully take advantage of the app’s features. There is also an app page listing over 60 Cruise and Save locations where a guest showing their Water Taxi ticket will receive fantastic discounts. Water Taxi’s vessel crews and customer service staff are also fully trained to assist guests with any questions regarding the tracking system.

The Water Taxi Tracker App can be found by searching Google or the Apple Store under “Water Taxi Tracker.”

For more information about Water Taxi, its rates, routes and the special year-round savings available at its numerous stops, visit:

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