Wall Street Supporters of Donald Trump Cheer His Victory

Wall Street Supporters of Donald Trump Cheer His Victory

Wall Street Supporters of Donald Trump Cheer His Victory

“Make America Great Again”

Wall Street supporters of Donald Trump cheered his victory Tuesday, which countered expectations that Democrat Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Gathered in the bar at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, bankers and brokers mingled with dozens of other Trump supporters, many of them wearing baseball caps emblazoned with his rallying cry ” Make America Great Again.”

They cheered and raised their glasses every time the news projected another state win for Donald Trump.

When Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential running mate, walked through the lobby at Trump Tower, a group ran out from the bar to chant “USA! USA!” at him.

“I always felt confident,” said one man, who said he worked at Ameriprise Financial. “All the momentum was on his side,” he said.

In general, Wall Street supported Hillary Clinton with loades of cash, seeing her as a status quo candidate. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is feared by many financiers as someone who could disrupt global trade and damage geopolitical relationships.

Many hedge fund managers, bank executives and other financial leaders eschewed Manhattan bars, preferring instead to gather at their homes in New York City or the suburbs to watch TV coverage in relative quiet with families or a few friends.

On the Upper East Side, hedge fund manager Jim Chanos said his Republican guests are in a “good mood” at an election night party held at his penthouse.

Donald Trump’s band of Wall Street supporters stayed close to their candidate. Investors Anthony Scaramucci, Steven Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross were at the Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, the campaign’s official base for victory night.

“I will be at the New York victory party,” said Mr. Ross, who is an adviser on Trump’s economic team.

Hours before the election results started rolling in, Wilbur Ross said, “I’m feeling good.”

Mr. Scaramucci said he prepared for a big night.

“I was ready for an unbelievable celebration tonight, it is here,” he said in a live viseo from Trump Tower.

I have been Trumpeting for Trump daily since 16 June 2015

” Make America Great Again.”

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