Utalk Launch New Mobile Service at $19.99 a Month

Utalk Launch New Mobile Service at $19.99 a Month

Utalk Launch New Mobile Service at $19.99 a Month

No Contract
Unlimited Data, Text and Calling
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Phone to Phone – Not Computer to Computer
Global Service at No Additional Cost
Video Streaming
Online Directory Stores your Contacts to the WiFi Cloud
Call Waiting, Forwarding and Conferencing
More features Soon!

UTALK WiFi’s Social Connection Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc. is an upcoming communications app Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.

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WiFi Wireless, Inc. (OTC:WFWL) has announced that famed executive music producer, Mike “Daddy” Evans, has
joined its team of Master Distributors.

Evans has been testing the Company’s cellular phone services on a beta version of the “Powered by Wifi Wireless, Inc.” app for several months and
has been impressed with the quality.

“WiFi’s services have been functional and clear both while calling and texting friends and associates around the world from various locations
throughout New York City, California and Asia. But what really blew my mind was when I was able to use the services while in Sri Lanka on tour with
Enrique Iglesias”, said Evans

“I have been actively recruiting high profile celebrity distribution partners and brand ambassadors for our own self-branded line of services
which is slated to include unlimited voice, text, and data for around $25 a month which will be available internationally as a downloadable smart phone
app or SIM card.”

“We anticipate announcing our first product ambassador super star who we have already signed in the near future. WFWL’s network is an amazing
platform where through social media, a celebrity’s fan base directly enables and empowers commerce on a new level,” said Evans.

Wifi Wireless, Inc. Chairman, Gene Curcio, reported that WiFi’s Global Mobile VoIP allows any modern smartphone to be used for cellular services
and internet access without a dedicated WiFi connection and should not be confused with traditional VoiP service.

Curcio pointed out an emerging trend where celebrities in the music industry are leveraging a huge fan base for product-based profit extending
beyond normal entertainment channels. Wifi Wireless, Inc. has placed itself squarely in the middle of this trend, enabling celebrities to create
an impressive ongoing revenue stream while promoting a cost-effective service used by practically everyone.

*About Mike “Daddy” Evans:* Mike has enjoyed production collaborations with a variety of performers including Timbaland, Diddy, LL Cool J, Britney
Spears, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez. and Miley Cyrus. The variety of collaborators underscores his vision for creation of creative music. Evans
continues to be on the forefront of new artist discovery and genre-breaking music including Extreme Music, Ryan Tedder, One Republic, Agnez Mo, The
Game, Usher, TI, Heavy D and Beenie Man.

*About WiFi Wireless, Inc.:*

Wifi Wireless, Inc. (WFWL <https://beta.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=wfwl>) is a
solutions provider in the wireless communications industry. The Company
recently announced development of its WiFi Mobile Phone System known as
“Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.” for all white label service offerings. The
company’s global mobile phone promises a first quarter 2016 launch with
unlimited voice, text, data and other virtual softphone services for
I-Phone and Android. It should be noted that the Company has dropped the
“Sling Shot” branding approach previously announced.

The Company also has a division known as “WiFi My City” engaged in the
development of municipal WiFi for cities in the United States which is
designed to support local business, law enforcement, fire, emergency
response, education, ports, and railways. WiFi Wireless also provides low
cost essential services to underserved communities.


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