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US Treasuries Up, US Dollar Traded Sideways

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: March 9, 2015 US Treasuries Up, US Dollar Traded Sideways

US Treasuries Up, US Dollar Traded Sideways

The US Treasury complex

  • There were  gainers came in all US Treasury maturities, despite a mid-day sell-off in the 2-yr T-Note
  • Yield check:
    • 2-yr: -4 bpts to 0.69%
    • 5-yr: -4 bpts to 1.65%
    • 10-yr: -5 bpts to 2.20%
    • 30-yr: -5 bpts to 2.80%
  • The ECB began its QE program Monday, which it is running through the Eurozone’s national central banks
    • Yields on Germany and France’s debt plunged, as investors seem to have underestimated the impact of the program
  • In Greece the 10-year yield rose 65 bpts to 9.90%, as Eurozone officials seemed skeptical of Greece’s latest proposal for structural reforms. Greece’s FM Yanis Varoufakis threaten to hold a referendum if the Eurozone did not accept Greece’s proposal.

US Dollar (.DXY) Index

Most currency pairs traded sideways Monday, with the exception of USD/JPY, which rose 42 pips (+0.35%) to 121.24, close to the  December 2014 high at 121.8.

  • EUR/USD traded a fresh 12-yr low overnight at 1.0823, falling 3 pips on the day (-0.03%) to 1.0855
  • GBP/USD rallied back from an awful 1st wk of March, to trade up 88 pips (+0.59%) to 1.5125
  • The commodity currencies maintained a holding pattern:
    • USD/CAD: -33 pips (-0.26%) to 1.2591
    • AUD/USD: -4 pips (-0.05%) to 0.7712
    • NZD/USD: -4 pips (-0.05%) to 0.7374
  • In what may be the market’s biggest shocker this year, USD/CHF has almost entirely unwound its 25-big figure sell-off on 15 January.

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Paul Ebeling

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