US State Department Corrects Keystone Pipeline Study Errors

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: June 9, 2014 US State Department Corrects Keystone Pipeline Study Errors

US State Department Corrects Keystone Pipeline Study Errors


The State Department on Friday corrected several errors it made in a key study evaluating the impact of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, including an understatement of how many people could be killed on railroad tracks if the project were rejected and oil traffic by rail increased.

The department said, however, these corrections had “no impact” on the integrity of the conclusions of the January report, which played down potential environmental consequences of TransCanada Corp’s (NYSE:TRP) Canada-Texas project.

The Obama administration has not decided whether to approve the project yet.

The January report determined that blocking the controversial pipeline could increase Oil train traffic and lead to an additional 49 injuries and 6 deaths per year, mostly by using historical injury and fatality statistics for railways.

That finding was a small element of a broader examination of how building the pipeline could impact climate change, endangered species, quality of life and other issues.

But the report mistakenly used a forecast for three months of expected accidents rather than full-year figures, officials said. The correct estimate of deaths should be roughly 4X as large; between 18 and 30 fatalities per year.

Officials also revised a footnoted reference to how much electricity would be needed to power pumping stations along the route of the pipeline that would link Canada’s Oil sands region to Texas refineries.

Running at something less than full capacity, the pumping stations would not require as much electricity, and so tax power plants less than originally reported.

Revising that footnote has no impact on the State Department’s estimation of expected Greenhouse gas emissions tied to the pipeline, a spokesperson said.

“It is common practice to publish an errata sheet that notes and corrects errors in voluminous technical documents such as environmental impact statements,” the State Department said.

“The Department has reviewed each of the items listed in the errata sheet and has determined that they have no impact on the integrity of, or the conclusions reached in, the final report.”

The State Department also published several dozen public comments that had not been included in the roughly 2.5-M it received and previously disclosed.

Stay tuned…


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97 Responses to “US State Department Corrects Keystone Pipeline Study Errors”

  1. xman_11530 says:

    Unfortunately, the American people cannot choose which 30 lives per year would be lost by not building Keystone.. If they could choose, the line would be built tomorrow…

  2. Mustapha-bin says:

    why not build a water pipeline, alongside the oil pipeline, from Alaska to California and Texas? The right of way would mostly be already in place. Two problems of shortage/delivery solved with one pathway – oil and water.

    • LicketySplit says:

      Instead of the GW supposed threat…and wind farms and solar…why not go with technology that works…DeSalination plants WORK! Throw monies at these and we will have WATER! Naw…thats to feaseable and smart!

      • rightisright5116 says:

        It would be a good use of the rising seas caused by cow farts.

        • NofDen says:

          Here I thought you were perfect. There are only 1.2 cows per oceanside acre on the west coast. They don’t even ruffle the water. “You could look it up.” copyright by Yogi Berra.

      • NofDen says:

        You guys are All too expensive. Just tell the masses to stop drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Drink only 4 and we won’t have a water shortage.
        Your cows? Get rid of them they drink too much water and (quietly)
        they pass gas. If there is fire in the area it will explode with the force of a small nuclear bomb. Which will blow some liberal minds which will: oh, heck with it, let’s just be bowing to Washington each morning where obummer and his comic sideman live.
        Fron Jan. 2008, no decision made in the Black House will make sense.

        • LicketySplit says:

          I would rather pay a few bucks for a solution that actually works unlike solar and wind per cost per KW. Water is needed to grow food..which is going to be in short supply soon;)

          • NofDen says:

            We just had a wet spring, droughts come and go. Maybe you were thinking of the current trend of Global Cooling and more water will be locked up in ice at the polar caps for awhile.
            Solar and wind are lab projects now. Although solar is put in remote cabins, where it would be prohibitive to run electricity now. The cost of solar and the unreliable wind is too high to do much installation.

          • NofDen says:

            Paying farmers to grow crops to make gasohol is a very expensive lie we have been living with.
            Desalting is done some, Guantanamo bay is one place it is done. I looked briefly and some said it was very expensive.
            It must be expensive, because not much is done in southern California. Water is scarce and they should have the money to do it.

          • LicketySplit says:

            They had the plants built..then they were torn down and sold for parts. Smart DEMOCRATIC decision making eh;)

    • p3orion says:

      The numbers don’t work. Oil is around $100 for a standard 42-gallon barrel. The same amount of water costs about 8 cents; never mind the expense of building such a pipeline itself, the cost of the electricity to pump it through would be way more than the water is worth.

  3. undergraduate says:

    Well then. We HAVE to do it, because, as Joe Biden said “If we can save just one life….”

  4. Kurt Johnson says:

    what difference does that make?

  5. localnet says:

    After spending billions on the study, it was determined by the Obama administration that it was possible that some of those saved lives could possibly be conservatives. The Keystone pipeline is now scheduled to be scrapped in favor of a new high speed rail line… Mr. Warren Buffet will be head of this new high speed rail line at a cost of one trillion dollars to the US taxpayer… In other news, gasoline and diesel will be taxed at $5 per gallon to finance new high speed oil rail line headed by billionaire Warren Buffet, the new head of Obama Rail… More to follow at 11.

  6. Fat Bastard says:

    Obama just traded the Keystone pipeline for 90000 illegal immigrant children.

  7. ManaMoffa says:

    If we can save one life……….Do it for the children.

  8. Blue22 says:

    They are sending the oil tanker cars right through the middle of heavily populated areas. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Jorge says:

    49 injuries & 6 deaths? I predict 100% of all people over the age of 50 today, will not be alive in 100 years, that is a death rate of 100%, we must put an end to these tragic deaths.

  10. Tex Taylor says:

    Being Obama and his lackeys have been wrong about anything of consequence for going on six years now, everything from you can keep your doctor, to the jobless creating economy, to the accumulation of massive debt, to our failed foreign policy, I fully expect the XL to be shelved in favor of enriching Uncle Warren and his railroads.

    There’s elections to be won and millions of dupes, rubes, and lemmings to pander to about bad science.

    Yes We Can!

  11. frosty85 says:

    One of the great mysteries of our time….. to actually stop human progress for apparently no definitive reason.

  12. neo rambo says:

    the longer this guy plays leader of the free world the more jimmy carter thanks him. he never thought in his lifetime he would be a better pres than anyone

  13. JQPublic says:

    Warren Buffet, it’s time to put the country IN FRONT of your portfolio.

  14. Mike Alan says:

    This country desperately needs the good paying jobs. Construction projects create a large amount of jobs. When the job is done, the men move to the next construction project. We need the jobs. We need the energy, we need to show our partners we are reliable allies.

  15. deerhound says:

    Obama don’t care! Limousine Liberal environmentalists own whatever part of Ofubar that Soros doesn’t!

  16. AmazedJim says:

    Obama continues to do everything in his power to radically fundamentally change our Country. Too bad it’s for the worse. God help us and our children.

  17. 1984ACO says:

    Political football? that’s right Buffett is co-owner of obama who has held off Buffett’s competition (pipeline)

    Pipelines are safer than oil tanker trains
    Pipelines are almost inert ( barely produces pollution under operation) especially compared to trains that NEVER are shut down — when not moving – a modern locomotive is idling.
    the green way to haul oil is through a pipeline.

    It’s time to regulate Warren Buffett–there’s no end to the greed of the old stock hoarder Buffett.

    Read up on the coal dust situation in Seattle — coal trains from Buffett and Gates dumping dust on the wienie socialists in Wash St. — funny as hell.

    These A-holes lick the feet of Buffett when he’s spouting the socialism — and yapping about “higher INCOME taxes” (that he doesn’t pay)

    Oh man– do the socialists line up to and eat that up !

    Funny, FDR despised stock holding (hoarding) companies– today – democrats are funded by these crony socialists

    Which company board seat will Buffett “reward” obama with ? Obama IS buffett’s employee after all .

  18. Cindy Otis says:

    But if it’s not saving illegal alien lives then this administration isn’t interested in it.

  19. I said it says:

    a government study? lol

  20. Karl Magnus says:

    It makes far, FAR too much sense for American security and sovereignty, thus Obama and his Leftist lackeys will never approve it. *sigh*
    Impeach Now! OR … Suffer the consequences, America.


  21. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum says:

    I fully support the pipeline, but saying it would save 6 lives a year is ridiculous. This kind of fluffery is why I wouldn’t trust the government any further than I could throw Barney Frank.

  22. Eric Miller says:

    Or single handedly cripple agriculture devistating global food markets and risk millions of lives of Midwestern families. The potential price is too damn high.

    • NofDen says:

      How is it going to: “single handedly cripple agriculture devistating global food markets and risk millions of lives of Midwestern families”???

      • Eric Miller says:

        It all goes back to the Ogallala Aquifer which stretches from South Dakota to Texas.

        Nebraska, an agriculture state, uses center pivot irrigation systems fed by the aquifer to water crops such as corn, soy beans, and wheat (#4 producer). The grains is then either sold to plants throughout the country or used in feed for livestock (#3 producer).

        The Aquifer also serves as a primary source for clean water for over 2.3 million Americans (1990 census).

        According to the State Departments own Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement a spill had the potential to spread over 1214 – 2254 feet. With a total saturation depth of only 1200 feet at its deepest point (West Central Nebraska) the devastation would be irreversible.

        I am not saying this is going to happen but we have to ask is the risk worth the reward? To me as a Nebraskan I have to say no, I don’t want that in my back yard.

  23. BusProf says:

    The oil will be extracted and moved. We can either use buckets or a hose.

  24. BusProf says:

    China is the only reason king zero is putting the kibosh on the pipeline. If it can’t get to the Gulf, it will be sent to the west coast of Canada and then to China.

  25. sam860 says:

    But can THE ARROGANT ASS-IN-CHIEF ever do the right thing????

    • Yobama says:

      Only if he slathers himself in raw meat and goes swimming with sharks. Even then, he’ll claim not to have known about it until he saw the news reports on television.

  26. sh says:

    30 lives?

    What’s that, equivalent to the murder rate in Chicago for a week or so?

    Build the freakin’ thing.

  27. Guest says:

    If Barry’s Administration could be assured those 30 lives would be Conservatives the pipeline might have a chance.

  28. Juan Hart says:

    30 lives is a small price to pay for the Dems and Tom Steyer who are beholden to the competing pipeline, Kinder Morgan.

  29. BusProf says:

    If king zero is against it, it MUST be really good for America!

  30. gzizzle says:

    So it will save more lives than gun control will? Groovy..

  31. SHTF411 says:

    save 30 lives but kill untold thousands of people and wildlife with pollution and chemical poisoning, makes perfect sense to endorse it?

    • gzizzle says:

      No. It makes more sense to use nothing for energy and become hunter/foragers again.

      • sh says:

        Isn’t that how libtards came to be?

        Where the hunters/foragers went out and worked all day and then around the fire that night libtards decided how to redistribute that days bounty?

        LMAO at the libtards.

    • sh says:

      Yes, because our Alaskan pipeline has killed millions of people and made wildlife extinct in that state.

    • NofDen says:

      Typical of people who don’t want this country to be prosperous and not dependent on foreign oil.

    • Tex Taylor says:

      Well, except there’s already 21,000 miles of pipeline running under/over/through the Ogallala Aquifer and it hasn’t affected a thing except for the sleep patterns of Leftist brain dead who don’t understand science.

    • Blair McKee says:

      Pipelines are, because they are stable, permanent structures, not subject to nearly as much human error, are FAR SAFER to the environment than oil tankers or trucks. Pollution is minimized because you are not burning fossil fuels to move fossil fuels inefficiently.
      I am probably wasting my pixels replying to you.

    • Sparafucile says:

      You’re carping about all that Great Plains “wildlife”? Well, you’re about 120 years late for that.

      As for pollution — I hate to break it to you, but pipelines are SEALED SYSTEMS. Lest we forget, also, where all that oil came from — the ground.

  32. dee seador says:

    How has the Alaska pipeline been working all these years? What are the good and bad stats from that?

  33. ordinary american says:

    And, still we have no one in the House of Whores who will present the Articles of Impeachment?

    • eramthgin says:

      Impeachment give it a rest is not an REAL option the demoncrats and socialists approve of his decisions. You will never get 20 demoncrat senators to vote to remove him from office.

      • ordinary american says:

        True. But, why can’t these low life bastards at least make an attempt. Just for show, even? Instead all they do is to roll over and suck on whatever body part they are given.

  34. eramthgin says:

    Makes no difference the environmental terrorists are in control

  35. Sam Spade says:

    that’s ok, it makes sense, accordingly dumbocrats don’t want it

  36. wiseoldfart says:

    Remember that 3-letter word “Brains” Biden claimed would help our economy recover – J-O-B-S? He now realizes the only way to save our economy is to allow half of the world’s population to crash our borders. The reason why we conservatives don’t understand this ingenious strategy is because it’s way over our heads. Gotta have faith!

  37. the_logician says:

    Face it, there is no downside to the Keystone project. Well, except for democrats, because it demonstrates to the country what a Luddite and poor executive leader Barakka Obama is for having stone-walled and delayed this for 6 years.

  38. Mitch_Rapp says:

    Amazing how long it takes to approve something worthwhile but we can provide guidance on illegal entry, praise, money and freedom for Terrorists immediately.

    We can do selective prosecution without fanfare and extort moneys for favorable legislation.

    All is well in the Obama Lying Factory and the biased media uses Sundays for Obama praise and back pattings

  39. effinayright says:

    Doesn’t anyone in the government understand the term “statistical significance”? There is no friggin’ way to offer an ACCURATE estimate of thirty deaths saved, lost or unaffected by the Keystone project.

    Especially “saved”: how would such people even be identified, in a country of 330 million?

    What bullbleep!

  40. p3orion says:

    “Revising that footnote has no impact on the State Department’s
    estimation of expected Greenhouse gas emissions tied to the pipeline…”

    Even if you believe the “greenhouse gas” bullshot, those estimates compare the CO2 released from this oil to a zero emission if it stays in the ground. But that’s not the alternative to the pipeline; the alternative is that the oil STILL gets transported, but by train or truck, and maybe to the west coast bound for China.

  41. Sparafucile says:

    I seem to recall Pres Obama’s standard for imposing sweeping new gun controls on law-abiding Americans as being “If it saves just one life.”

    Not so much for energy infrastructure, I suppose? And we don’t even need to punish law-abiding Americans or violate the Constitution to built it, either.

  42. Jeffjr04 says:

    This is right up their alley. Government ALWAYS believes that billions of spending for an individual to “not die” is a good investment.

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