US Rock Band “Jane’s Addiction” to Give Concert in Cuba

US Rock Band “Jane’s Addiction” to Give Concert in Cuba

US Rock Band “Jane’s Addiction” to Give Concert in Cuba

The iconic American rock band Jane’s Addiction will join the list of celebrities visiting and performing in Havana when they give a concert there Friday.

The influential Californian band will participate in the Habanarte Festival, said a release from the island’s Ministry of Culture, cited by the official daily “Granma” Tuesday.

Jane’s Addiction had planned to fly to Havana for a concert last March but it fell “because the US Treasury Department did not guarantee the corresponding license,” said the organizers of the concert at the Tropical Gardens in Havana.

Jane’s Addiction is an alternative rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in Y 1985. The band is composed by Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar), Eric Avery (bass) and Stephen Perkins (drums).

It was one of the first groups from the alternative rock movement in the 1990’s to achieve commercial success in the US and become an icon of the Alternative Nation movement.

Since the restoration of US-Cuba diplomatic relations, the Caribbean nation has become the target of several international celebrities, especially Americans, who visit or perform in Havana.

Recently, Havana witnessed the birthday celebration of the singer Madonna, the Chanel fashion firm is showing a collection at the Prado Promenade and the mythical Rolling Stones performed an unforgettable concert at Havana in March.

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