US Intel Chiefs Have a History of Spreading Misinformation to the Public

US Intel Chiefs Have a History of Spreading Misinformation to the Public

US Intel Chiefs Have a History of Spreading Misinformation to the Public

The intelligence chiefs who met with US President Elect Donald Trump to outline the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin in “hacking” activities during the Y 2016 Presidential election themselves have a history of public deception and mis-information journalist Glenn Greenwald said Friday.

“James Comey has become, after Vladimir Putin, probably the most despised villain in the Democratic narrative about what happened in the election,” Mr. Greenwald said in an interview.

CIA Director John Brennan, a CIA official under former President George W. Bush (43), “is a supporter not of all aspects of the Bush torture program, but some aspects of it, including rendition and other interrogation techniques that are widely regarded as torture.”

Mr. Greenwald stressed that after she lost the election in November, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did not blame President Putin or WikiLeaks, but FBI Director Comey because of a letter he wrote several days before the election saying he was reopening the investigation into her use of a private e-Mail server.

Director Comey was also a former Bush (43) Admin Justice Department official appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama as FBI Director.

Mr. Brennan became CIA director after liberals at 1rst protested him, so both men were “high-level Bush 43 officials in the middle of important, controversial war on terror policies.

And they have a long history, not just their agencies, but they themselves of approving legally dubious, if not outright illegal, programs and lying to and deceiving the public.”

There are many “spooks” who were involved in the “extreme war on terror programs” who came to regret it, and Mr. Brennan has said that CIA officers and the military would not obey calls for the use of torture from Donald Trump, who has said he favors some of the methods.

The US Constitution puts limits on what a President can do, and what the Intel agencies can do, sometimes that fails, and the public is none the wiser.

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