US Dollar Down, US Treasuries Up

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: June 8, 2015 US Dollar Down, US Treasuries Up

US Dollar Down, US Treasuries Up

US Dollar down against all peers

.DXY fell 1.06% Monday to 95.28 on US President Barack Hussein Obama calling the strong dollar a problem in a private conversation at the G-7 meeting in Germany

  • The Employment Situation Report for May released Friday showed strong headline job creation and wage growth in the US economy, all of the gains from the resulting Buck Bull rally have now been erased after the numbers were digested.
  • EUR/USD: +1.48% to 1.1277
    • The impasse in Greece’s negotiations with its creditors is not friendly as reported, there is little apparent common ground on an aid package for Greece. The odds of a default are increasing.
  • USD/JPY: -0.76% to 124.64
    • Overnight, Japanese Q-1 GDP was revised up to 3.9% Y-Y from the initial estimate of 2.4%. Analysts had been looking for a revision to about 2.7%
  • GBP/USD: +0.40% to 1.5337
  • USD/CHF: -1.14% to 0.9287
  • USD/CAD: -0.20% to 1.2412
  • AUD/USD: +0.83% to 0.7689
  • NZD/USD: +1.29% to 0.7138
    • The RBNZ will meet on Wednesday
  • An electoral defeat for Turkish President Erdogan sent the Lira South as there is a possibility of early elections
    • USD/TRY: +3.55% to 2.7545


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US Treasury Complex

The Yield Curve Steepens

US government debt rallied Monday in a quiet session with no data releases. Stocks saw losses but fixed-income markets continue to digest the headline Employment Situation Report from Friday keeping buyers on the sidelines

  • Yield
    • 2-yr: -4 bpts to 0.68%
    • 5-yr: -3 bpts to 1.71%
    • 10-yr: -2 bpts to 2.39%
    • 30-yr: Unch at 3.12%

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