HEFFXone – The market leading Liquidity Management System is built on top of the most advanced technology in the industry.

HEFFXone offers a full suite of execution services,

Smart Order Routing, Execution Algos, and TCA. Access to any LP is via industry standard FIX API or the company’s high performance Binary API and the most powerful and flexible GUI in the institutional space.

HEFFXone allows user management, real-time Pre-trade Risk checks and customized pricing, provides access to tick data with full market depth from the Tick Database, and offers Post-trade Messaging to most prime brokerage and vendor solutions.

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Trade Desk: +1 631 482 0376

Singapore Headquarters

3 Raffles Place
#07-01 Bharat Building
Singapore 048617

Office Hours
9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. + 8 hours UTC/GMT
Monday through to Saturday including public holidays

New York, Miami, Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong

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Click Trading GUI Advantages

• Advanced GUI
• Dock or float any panels to create custom, multi-monitor layouts
• Create tabbed rates panel containers for different sets of rates and manage the rates tiles within them
• Access execution algos with checkbox in rates display
• Post Bids and Offers with a single click inside the spread from ladders with support for native Limit orders as well as algo Limit orders
• Email confirms for trade executions
• Highly customizable dealing rates
• Four click trading modes
• Single click, double click, double with confirm, single click for ticket or double click to trade
• VWAP or Raw market depth view options
• VWAP market depth amount buckets can be customized
• VWAP market depth supports click trading on amount buckets
• Market Ladder Book View shows your orders relative to the whole order book on a price ladder and supports single click new Limit orders and single click Cancel (next release)
• Programmable buttons can be hidden, used to trade or used as a quick change for the amount field value
• Amount dropdown values can be customized
• Font type, sizes and colors can be customized
• Color changes on up-tick/down-tick is optional and configurable
• Compact view option for rates tiles
• Advanced blotters
• Orders, Executions, Positions, and other blotters with customizable columns
• Orders blotter color customizations to react to real-time changes to order state
• Clearing blotters can be scheduled for the desired time
• Manager option for dealing desks to see and interact with all users’ orders and positions
• Parent order executions drill down to child fills
• Working orders can be paused, canceled or pushed to market with single button clicks
• Order price and quantities can be modified with a click
• Right click functionality to interact with orders and positions, e.g., cancel orders or close positions
• Order Entry Tickets
• Native and algo order types provide full suite of order types that work for all LPs
• Order tickets default to quantity in rates panel and correct side of the market based on how accessed
• Child Stop and Limit orders
• Algos for markets without native Stop+GTC or Limit+GTC
• Rate or pip based trigger price levels
• Trailing capabilities

Other GUI Features

• Embedded high-performance spreadsheets for custom analysis and dashboard creation using real-time rates as well as partially or fully automated trading using standard spreadsheet logic
• 300+ standard Excel functions supported plus custom trading and other functions
• 70+ pre-computed indicators
• Real-time charts available on any frequency of data with line studies and indicators
• Audible and/or email alerts for specified events such as new Order or new Execution

OMS/EMS and SOR Advantages

• Extremely low latency trade execution for the best execution experience in any click trading context or any API trading context
• Complete OMS/EMS system core
• Liquidity Aggregation and SOR
• High-performance routing to the best prices
• Sweeps across all LPs with concurrent child orders
• Considers market depth and other trading rules unique to each LP
• Algorithmic execution normalizes trading using disparate order types across LPs
• Handles incremental and full market depth updates
• Execution algorithms
• Order Slicing: algorithmic order slicing and book sweeping to get filled instantly on large Market orders for LPs supporting only Limit+FOK or equivalent
• Market Limit Algo: algorithmic execution with or without a specified slippage, works until fully filled or cancelled, initially sweeping up to the maximum specified slippage
• Limit Algo: algorithmic execution of Limit+GTC (synthetic server-side execution), works until fully filled or cancelled
• Stop Algo: algorithmic execution of Stop+GTC (synthetic server-side execution),, works until fully filled or cancelled
• Stop Bid/Mid/Ask Algo: algorithmic execution of Stop+GTC using specified execution trigger, works until fully filled or cancelled
• Supports native Market, Stop and Limit orders if allowed by the LP
• Matching Engine that can be used for CLOB market creation or internal crossing applications
• Real-time post-trade messaging via ETG, Forex Manage, Traiana or Drop Copies
• High-performance Tick Database for capturing and storing full market depth messages (future release)

API Advantages

• FIX 4.4 API
• Binary API covering entire OMS/EMS data set as real-time subscribed events
• TCP, C++, Java, Python examples
• Real-time market data with full depth using binary protocol not FIX
• Trading using binary protocol not FIX
• Price statistics
• Orders events
• Trades events
• Risk statistics
• Historical data (future release)

Infrastructure and Architecture Advantages

• Hosted on HFT infrastructure via Lucera in NY4 and LD4
• Fiber cross-connects to each LP
• Server side software implemented in C++ on Linux for the highest possible performance
• Separate socket connection used for the data and trading sessions between the GUI as well as APIs and the Server (next release)
• Data coalescing algorithms for inbound and outbound market data message queues to ensure no stale updates reach the GUI or APIs

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Shayne Heffernan Funds Manager at HEFFX holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m and 1 that reach a peak market cap of $15b. He has managed and overseen start ups in Mining, Shipping, Technology and Financial Services.

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