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Top 3 LED Projects of 2014: Green Ways to Cut Costs

Posted by: : Shayne HeffernanPosted on: January 22, 2015 Top 3 LED  Projects of 2014: Green Ways to Cut Costs

Top 3 LED Projects of 2014: Green Ways to Cut Costs

2014, for LED Source, was a year of EXTREME Savings. Most of our projects show great savings in lighting energy and maintenance costs, but some go above and beyond with savings up to 90%. Don’t believe it? Check out how and why these projects saved money by switching to LED lights.

1. The Chatwal Hotel – Manhattan, NY

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Theatre District, The Chatwal Hotel reminds guests of a glamorous era in an Art Deco style. Master architect, Thierry Despont, has beautifully restored and modernized this iconic five-star Luxury Collection Hotel.

New York City is experiencing a revolution, but of the energy kind. The City, which is among the highest in the country for energy rates, is making significant strides in enticing businesses to save energy. New compliance laws and a variety of incentive programs have been established to help offset the costs of reducing electricity.

The Chatwal Hotel was looking for ways to reduce their lighting energy costs, but more importantly, wanted to ensure that any solution offered would maintain the exact look and feel of their existing lighting.

LED Source, a certified Con Edison Market and Energy Star Partner, worked with The Chatwal Hotel and their architect to ensure the project goals were being met. Through their Rebates and Incentives Program (LouMan Money Financing), LED Source was able to navigate, identify and obtain a rebate offered by the local utility.

An LED lighting solution was implemented to replace the existing 1,300 MR16 halogen bulbs in 80 rooms, as well as the hallways and common areas.

It is estimated that The Chatwal Hotel will save $98,583 in lighting energy and $25,672 in maintenance costs. Total annual savings is estimated at $124,255 with a payback period of two months.

In addition, by utilizing the LED Source Rebates and Incentives Program and the company acquiring the available prescriptive rebates, the cost per LED lamp for The Chatwal Hotel was only $1 and decreased the payback period to four days. That is 90% in overall energy savings!

2. Pinot’s Palette – Naperville, IL

In 2009 Pinot’s Palette opened its first location in Houston. The concept was simple: open a painting studio that created a relaxed and fun atmosphere, where friends can gather, socialize and gain expert guidance from local artists, over wine and snacks.

Since the company’s humble beginnings, it has grown into a successful franchise that currently boasts locations nationwide.

Part of Pinot’s Palette’s mission is to utilize state-of-the art technology to enrich the experience for franchisees and customers alike. The company’s President, Charles Willis, sought to further increase profitability for Pinot’s Palette franchisees by reducing in-studio power consumption while enhancing the customer experience. One of the ways this was accomplished was by eliminating the hot halogen lights – that required the HVAC units to run longer to maintain the temperature in the studios and replacing them with an energy- efficient LED solution. Charles needed help rolling out a new lighting plan that would take advantage of the many benefits of LED lighting and improve the mood and the light quality for their customers.

One of the first new Pinot’s Palette locations to utilize LED lighting was in Naperville, IL.

To meet the client’s goals, the team at LED Source® designed and implemented a solution utilizing state-of-the-art LED lamps. This reduced energy consumption to 2,606 kWh annually – representing over 82% in energy savings.

It is estimated that Pinot’s Palette will save annually $373 in maintenance and A/C costs and $1,228 in lighting energy. Total annual savings is estimated at $1,601.

3. O’Malley Beverage – Lawrence, KS

O’Malley Beverage is a locally owned distributor of premium brand beverages. The Anheuser-Busch wholesaler in Lawrence has been locally owned and operated since the end of prohibition.

O’Malley Beverage is a loading dock with high ceilings and outdated metal halide lamps that are difficult to replace. In addition, workers had to adjust from the low light levels in the dock, to the refrigerated storage, where light levels are higher.

O’Malley Beverage wanted to turn their challenges into opportunity. They decided to work with the LED Source Lawrence team to maximize savings while improving lighting output, provide uniformed light that maintains output over time, and reduce overall operating expenses.

The team at LED Source Lawrence replaced 52, 400W metal halide luminaires with 34, 114W LED high bay luminaires. The new LED fixtures reduced lighting energy by 82% or 88, 191 kWh annually. The new high bay luminaires will last approximately 70,000 hours before needing replacement. It is estimated that O’Malley Beverage has reduced their annual maintenance cost by $1,084 and lowered lighting energy costs by $8,466. Total estimated annual savings is $9,550.

LED Source has had a great year full of LED Lighting upgrades from hotels, parking garages, restaurants, studios, office buildings and more. We are excited for all that 2015 will bring for us as well as all of our Franchises in the US and Canada!

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